Lucifers name in other cultures?

I was wondering if the entity Lucifer had any other names in other cultures that we would commonly know about, such as Egyptian, Greek, etc. I know “Lucifer” is latin and he had a certain role in that culture, but Id like to know from those who communicate with him especially, if there are other names he may have gone by in other locals, or if Lucifer is more or less his only form.

Im not finding anything in simple web-searches that would indicate hes really associated with any other names aside from, tenuously it would seem, Satan, which then of course opens the can of worms of the “evil” deity of a culture, which to me doesnt really fit with Lucifer (or Satan).

Any insights?

Lucifer is the Roman version of the Greek God Esophoros, the Morning and Evening Star, associated with the Planet Venus, Lucfier was only associated with Satan during the Middle age, As for Lucifer in Other Culture, you could check the Sumerian God Ashtar, that is also the Morning and Evening Star.

I believe he’s also associated with Prometheus. Both brought light, or fire, if you prefer, to humanity and were punished for it.

Thanks for the information.

I assume you mean “Ishtar”? Ashtar isnt any deity that Ive ever heard of, but is that guy of that channelled “ashtar command” stuff.

I am not finding Lucifer counterparts in the form of male deities in other cultures. I am however finding a bunch of ancient goddesses were associated with venus and the morning/evening star, such as Ishtar, Inanna, Isis (to a less pronounced degree due to Her common association with Sirius/Sothis/Sopdet), and of course, Venus. I found this very interesting from (

"Ninsi’anna (god/goddess)

Deity of the planet Venus; an aspect of Inana/Ištar as Venus.


Ninsi’anna is the Sumerian deity of the planet Venus, venerated as morning and evening star. Originally female, she sometimes appears as male in later texts under the influence of Semitic theology where Venus deities were usually male (Heimpel 1982). Ninsi’anna is associated with illumination and radiance - both in some etymologies of his/her name, and in titles such as ‘holy torch who fills the heavens’ (ETCSL, line 4), and ‘radiant god, whose light fills heaven and earth’ (de Meyer 1982: 275)."

Interesting indeed. Semitic includes Aramaic and Hebrew languages…

I also found some christian sites babbling on about how the devil (Lucifer) is actually female, surely with the intent only to demonize the feminine even more. But it seems plausible to me that such a religion would not hesitate to change the gender of a powerful entity only for the fact that they did not want any feminine entity to have any power whatsoever, even an evil one. One thing that I found interesting on one of these sites though, was that apparently “Lucifer” is neither a masculine nor feminine word. Not knowing latin, I cannot confirm.

This has led me to the question of if Lucifer as he is known now, as an entity, is actually the/a masculine aspect of older, powerful goddesses who all may actually be the same goddess under different cultural names.

After all, it was the goddess in the form of Isis that they (xtians) had the hardest time stopping the worship of, and it took hundreds of years and the replacement of a very powerful female figure, with that of a subservient, weak one who could only “pray” on your behalf, to completely shift the focus away from the old goddess/es.

I read somewhere that a statue of Isis was standing in a catholic church, off to the side of course, up until like 1400 at some point before it was finally destroyed.

Im wondering if anyone has thought down these lines before, and maybe even asked Lucifer the question (yeah yeah, Ill “do it [my]self” at some point, but maybe someone here already has or has thought about the question as well). The more I think about, the more it seems plausible from the standpoint of a religion that despises anything both feminine and powerful, and Lucifer literally meaning the planet Venus which was associated with many of the main ancient goddesses, seems a prime candidate for a gender bending and thorough demonization.

The latter obviously occurred. Did the former?

Just kind of thinking out loud here seeing where it goes.


No i do really mean Ashtar :

[quote=“Mephistor, post:5, topic:8483”]No i do really mean Ashtar :[/quote]

Ah I see, thank you for clarifying.

So very interesting:

"Aṯtar is an ancient Semitic deity whose role, name, and even gender varied by culture.

The name appears as Attar (Aramaic), Athtar (South Arabia), Astar (Abyssinia), Ashtar (Moab), Aṯtar (Ugarit)[1] and Ištar in Mesopotamia. In both genders, Aṯtar is identified with the planet Venus, the morning and evening star, in some manifestations of Semitic mythology."

Another interesting piece of information:

Micheal Fords work can be useful for contemplating that maybe the Adversary takes many forms. Ahriman, Belial, Satanael, Lucifer, Ashtar, Azazel, Set, Nergal, Lilith, Hecate, Az, Jeh, and countless others through all cultures and times.

Different forms, masks, expressions, human inventions for a many appendaged great unknowable Darkness, each leg on this eternal centipede coming through as what we would consider a spirit, archetype, or mask.

Does this power suggest that one seeks power within? Does it suggest that there is no God but thyself? Does it whisper that you should be merciless to your enemies and disciplined with yourself? Than this thing is Lucifer and it is waiting within coiled deep down somewhere in the abyss of your mind and spirit.

(Maybe, just another idea to meditate on after all, not Nessecarily to believe.)

A little out of topic but a an interesting info about.

Lucifer’s possible names are: Attar, Eosphoros aka Phosphorus from what I have been found.

I even said that here:

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and it’s also ~HIM~

(when you’re not saying the name, but everyone knows who you’re referring to)

regarding that Lucifer=Satan or not… i think it is not important to discuss this, because it is the SAME GATE.

and His many forms across the Dimensions of Posibilities ultimately lead to ALL-IN-ONE entity, which is…

well… it’s