Lucifer's Keys

I saw Lucifer in a vision. It looked like his eye was a star, but the Star had been ripped out.

In another vision I saw a room. It had a 1950’s feel to it. On the coffee table were two magazines. One was a “fix it” magazine. And the other was a magazine about stars.
There was a black mirror in one corner, when I looked in it I saw a door that made a V shape. With symbols on it that glow blue.

There was a man who came into the room. He said, " you can’t go up to the stars you go interdemitional. "
" you must move through the dementions. And doorways to get to where you want to be."

When I a certain black magician’s circle I saw a red star on a wall. I’m sure it had double meaning for the magician was working on a wall with a red star. Also, the Anasazi, painted a red star on rocks and hands. In my vision people were pointing at the Star , again double meaning.

After I watched a documentary of the Anasazi paintings, and other ancient people’s like the Myan’s I was flooded with information about star gates.

A star gate is an otherworldly door or portal to outside realms, which are hidden within the Earth’s and Space’s magnetic fields.

I kept drawing small black triangles, bulls horns, a key, and Venus.

I wrote Venus in Taurus, the star, the horns, the key.
Open the portal.

I also wrote follow Venus, look in Taurus.

If you look at ancient Egyptian paintings of Ra, Ra was the sun god. Although, the sun was red - orange. Not yellow.
In the hieroglyphs for Ra’s name is the circle within a circle symbol like a target. :dart: looks alot like this minus the arrow. Or bulls eye if you will.
It also still the symbol of the sun today.
There was also the cult of the Menevis bull , the embodiment of Ra. Ra was a bull god.
Now We sent his Eye to punish humanity which I believe is Venus.
Sumerian tablets 3500 to 3600 bc Venus cause a cataclysm that almost wiped everything out.
… The lady of heaven set her mind to capturing the heavens …
I watched the Leak Project, who had Oxford University translations of Sumerian Texts.
However , I disagree with him that Jupiter ejected Venus. I believe Alderbaran ejected Venus … Ra sending his Eye down to destroy . Fortunately, Ra changed his mind. Though Venus had still managed a catastrophic event.

The star I saw ripped from Lucifers eye is Venus. Venus is Lucifer. Lucifer is a sun god, the bringer of light. The Star the red giant sun Alderbaran.

The horns of Taurus are the gateway.

All magnetic gateways or most all form triangles. All the pyramids, the Bermuda triangle the devil’s triangle and so on. You can Google a whole list.

Now if you start at Gamma Tauri the tip of the V and go to Alderbaran , then straight over and back to gamma tauri you get a black triangle. The black triangle I keep drawing.

Kappa Taurus is a double star in Arabic its called Al Kalbain which means two dogs.

Kappa tauri is located just outside the Bull’s horns … How often is Hecate pictured with two dogs?

In Chinese the name for Kappa Tauri means Celestial street. Star of the Celestial street. Getting close to the Gate… Its gaurded by two dogs.

Zeta tauri is one of the Bull’s horns. In Chinese astrology the name for Zeta Tauri means Celestial Gate. It refers to an asterism of 7 stars.
Zeta tauri , is the main star. With 113, 126, 129, 130 and 127 tauri .
Elnath means the “butting” and is the other tip of the Bull’s horn.
April 2020
From the 3rd to the 4th Venus begins to show cresent (horns)
She pass south of Pleides or the seven sisters.
Taking a little over a day to traverse the apparent width of the clusters .

April 7th Venus passes North of the eclipsing binary star Lambda Tauri positioned at the chest of the bull.
April 12th to 17th Venus passes to the north of the V shaped star cluster Hyades. The head of the bull and my triangle.
April 13th Venus passes. North of delta 1 tauri about half way along the Northern arm of Hyades.

Also positioned along the Northern arm is Epsilon tauri making the base of the bull’s horn. Venus passes North of the star on April 15th at the same moment the planet passes North of Chamukuy or theta tauri . the name is that of a small bird in Yucatec Mayan culture.

On April 17th Venus passes North of Taurus’ brightest star Aldebaran , marking the eye of the bull. (Venus returns to Ra /Lucifer)

Alderbaran appears red or red orange to the naked eye since it is a red giant star.

Venus passes North of the star Tau Tauri on April 19th positioned at the ‘Bend’ of the Bull’s horn.

Venus attains its greatest brillance on April 28th.
In the north eastern Taurus.
Greatest brliiancy occurs when the percentage of the illuminated portion of the disk and it’s angular size combine to best visual effect.

Thirty minutes after sunset in the Northern hemisphere now can see Venus in her true majestic brillance against a dark sky.

As Venus travels through Taurus each point is a lock to the gate that must be opened.

When Venus is in the triangle of Taurus, one must connect a magnetic triangle on earth with the triangle in Taurus.
On Waspurgasnatch the final lock is opened.




Cave paintings of chumash people


Ra’s red orange sun

Ra’s Heiroglyphs


I don’t agree with everything he said but he does post the actual documents of the translations of the Sumerian Texts.





Check this video. He talks about Stargates. I have timestamps in the comment section.


Lucifer’s Keys, I’ve found them! They were inbetween the center console and the passenger seat. :laughing:
Just kidding but great topic and great info!


Yes well stargates can be found in a-lot of civilization in Egypt the gate is said to have been Buried in the ra apprising. In Scotland you have Tir na nogh . You have them near the Nastac line. But they do have one thing they lead to either a certain time like the once in Scotland.
Or other worlds like the one that were in Egypt !
It’s a really interesting subject and topic !


One reason for me becoming an archeologist in be beginning was to find the Seth gate in Egypt but I failed on that one spent a month all over Egypt from Sinai to the shiva oasis. But I did see every important temple and site their is their no regret on that ! and I feelt a new connection to setheach and Amon after that trip that I did not have before it.


I love archeology


I love what you put together I’m diggin it. I’m gonna take a long shot here… Hecate( dogs and roads), Lucifer( stars and Venus), Belial( the bull) and Lucifuge Rofocale has something to do with the gate(alternate/secret worlds).

That popped into my mind reading this.


Really great topic actually. I wonder if a phenomenon comes with all of this, other than energy spikes of course.

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An extension of Ra’s power equated with the disk of the sun.

But also behaves as an independent entity.

Why I further believe Venus is the eye of Ra … The bull, a part ejected from Aldebaran.


So I’ll start this in April and go to may 1 …


Beelzebub kept saying the empire will rise up…
The Eye of Ra

The Eye of The Sahara

Atlantis is originally Egyptian… That’s where the story came from
Now does this not look like an eye

Eye cropped

It also fits the discription of Atlantis


And look at Ra’s heiroglyph

The Eye of Ra
The Eye of Taurus Alderbaran
The Eye of the Saharah

All targets … Bulls eyes

The Empire will rise.

I will open this gate

This is mine.

If you watch those two videos it explains alot.

I couldnt figure out why Beelzebub was saying the empire would rise when the Taurus gate is in the taurus constelation. But now I see why.

Now I know. Its the magnet interaction with the triangles and the pull and push.

This is gonna be a big thing for me to try and take on. But I will.

And I may have to do it alone in the middle of no where do to this virus lockdown… But one way or another I am gonna give it my best shot.

I’m gonna pour everything I have into this.

Its my empire and my throne.
Ive seen it.