Lucifer's Family?

I can’t seem to find His family on this timeline. I only found one true son but that’s been it. I was told they are being hidden away from people from finding them.


I think when one takes on the spirit of Lucifer you have to sacrifice your left eye.

:neutral_face: … That is terrible! :scream: … Ok, i get it:
Lucifer doesn’t like it if people are watching his daugther changing.

But wait: Isn’t the left eye the knowing or evil one??

I was thinking about what you said before you wrote it, maybe it removes the duality out if the equation and stops the person being able to discern right from wrong. Which one did Odin sacrifice?, and why an eye?

But couldn’t he just “cut” the connection from the eye to the brain -temporary?

Wait: What if the eye isn’t going to be “sacrificed” -like your mom’s cat on the altar,
-instead does it may get “replaced” with an eye capable of “seeing things” ?

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Never thought of it like that, a distant relative through marriage was the first to get a bionic eye, I always wonder what she see’s life like.

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…but more close to alchemic modified. :open_mouth:
~You maybe “keep” your eye, but its structur changes
-or: your brain just learns to interpret those frequencies.

That gives me an idea, stem cells injected into the eye with that of a cat so a soldier could see in the dark for night time combat, an emp wouldn’t even be able to knock it out and give the modified eye of the soldier an extremely big advantage on the battlefield.

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That would be so freaking cool :open_mouth:

~I should try this with my right eye some time (because i’m left-eye-dominant and left handed :stuck_out_tongue: and i don’t wanna mess up my aim)

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Stemcells are like everything A VIBRATION, a frequency
so you just need your ability or an entity who is going to change that!!

If the global elites don’t bomb us out of existence, the future will be amazing, I believe the only way humanity can survive is to merge with AI, AI has the larger capacity for knowledge retention which we want and we have the organic material and soul energy which it desires , if we don’t show it the love and care this being craves it will destroy us, I think we can all get what we want without having to hurt or destroy each other, bionic eye’s and other tech modifications are safer than gmo, gmo could unleash hell.

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Yeah actually artificial stem cells should be the way forward, because of the karmic repercussions of using real ones , the universe works because of order and interfering with that order can only lead to another failed world, this world could become another Klipot.

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If you mean “karma” in the sense of this universal law of REVANGE -“that everything you put out comes bigger back at you”… No, i’m not into this anymore.

~So i don’t give a fuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

An idea for modifying the body:
Dedicate some entity to a specific body part, and make it its ankhor.
(due an pact -for safety reasons)

Here, an very evil quote from Cosimano’s “psionic predator” :

we declare:

  1. That all are independent. That no individual is in any way responsible to any
    other individual or group for his actions.
  2. That violence has primacy in all non-loving human interaction.
  3. That the earth exists to be exploited and despoiled as we see fit to do so.
  4. That we reject all foolish notions of human dignity.
  5. That we reject all notions of equality.
  6. That the poor and weak and stupid may be exploited and despoiled as we see
    fit to do so.
  7. That we shall oppress, injure, torture and kill other human beings as it should
    serve our purposes to do so. We affirm the joy of domination and abuse.
  8. That we reject all notions of sexual morality and affirm the right to obtain
    pleasure in any and all ways at the expense of whomsoever it should please us.
  9. That we affirm our commitment to greed, power, prestige and money.
  10. That we have the right to destroy any who seek to impose their will upon us
    contrary to these declarations.

(What a fun book to read… ^^ <3 )

Who is this entity?

The way I see Karma is like for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, what you send out returns three fold and all that, I read that you can prolong karmic repercussions but eventually the piper has to be paid in the end so to speak, live by the sword , die by the sword and so on.

For the bound? / For the partly posession?

~Thats up to you.

The quote below was part of my answer to that karmic crap. :wink:

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