Luciferian/Satanic holidays

What are the holidays? Which do you take part and celebrate In?

21st March - Astaroth

21st June

21st September

21st December Satan’s oficial Celebration

also 30st April Walpurgis Satan’s witches Feast
31st of October Halloween


NICE! Thank you

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Overall I’ve found goetic holy days etc to be wildly inaccurate. At the time they were initially documented my guess is that specific planetary correspondence was happening at the time, which unfortunately isn’t the same year after year.

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I agree with the rest but why september?

Same as you find in Wicca, plus your birthday.

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Unless you practice satanic traditions where your mortal form is not as important and where a birthday is not the cause for specific celebration.

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Satanism and Luciferianism are 2 different wheels of the LHP.

Walpurgis is the primary holiday of Satanism because it’s the satanic new year that marks the day Church of Satan was created in 1966 where LaVey came out and said it was year 1 of the age of Satan. We are many who have an issue with CoS but it does not changes the fact that if LaVey did not created this church dedicated to Satan then Satanists would not exists as a group today.

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This is a popular missconception.

Stanisław Przybyszewski provided a systematic aproach to satanism long before LaVey.

Satanism has existed in literature and mythology but it first became an actual religion with the foundation of the CoS.