Luciferian Energy

When evoking Lucifer what is the energy like compared to Archangels or Lucifers counterpart Satan which I suppose is heavy ? And does evoking such deities change the surrounding energy to the point where others can notice including animals? Just curious as I never came about to doing evocations still having holdbacks as whether to try it or not, being brought up as a Catholic. And also what are the benefits of doing so and drawbacks from your experience. Thanks in advance for responses


The only way that you will really understand this is by doing it yourself.

Broadly speaking, demons will often bring out the more “animal” part of yourself, the part of your mind concerned with acquiring resources, territory, social status, and a mate(s) for the self. Their energy often reflects these instincts, but this is only scratching the surface of the full depth of demonic power.

Angels are more connected to the “superconscious” or “higher-self,” or whatever label you want to put on it. Some would say that where demons are only concerned about themselves, angels value only others.

Perhaps you can see that this is an oversimplification, and again I will say that the only way for you to really gain an understanding is to summon these beings for yourself and come to your own conclusions.


Lucifer and Satan arent counterparts lol.

However, when I “work” with Lucifer he just feels like a dark energy being, or a “dark god” while an archangel is a rank of an angel which is not a deity.

However, people will feel an entity’s energy different based on how it reacts to their own, to some Lucifer’s energy is heavy, to some it’s light (density/weight wise) to others it’s overwhelming, or average, or even below average.

Personally when I’m etheric projected around Lucifer, his energy feels average, his density is pretty slow or in ‘new age’ terms low.


Lucifer’s energy is really intense, especially at first. However, I don’t say that in a bad way, it’s just that you feel it everywhere, but it feels good. It’s like truly breathing for the first time, feeling such strong energies. As for if others can notice it, I guess animals can, they are known to be able to at least.


I felt his energy just by thinking of him it’s a mix of a powerful archangel and demon


He is neither of them tho :thinking:

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I have not exactly worked worked with Lucifer yet. But I did ask him for help once and did my first evocation to him a few weeks ago. I agree with the first poster but only slightly. Yes the demons or as I like to think of them the left hand path beings, are more centered on self then others. But I feel it depends on the person, it might spark the more animal side to us or in my case ironically I’m ever more wanting to get closer to my higher self and work on my spiritual path then while I was working with angels or beings on the right hand path. For some reason at least for myself, I couldn’t work on my spirituality or to get closer to my own true self/higher self/soul because I was so heavily focused on others then self, so in the end I wound up worrying more on the basic needs such as money then my own growth.

But to answer the question in my own experience and what I read, I feel he has many different forms and “personalities” he can/and does take. Some see him more of a “fallen star” (hence his name of morning star) in the meaning of despite him being a “fallen” angel he still retains light and may show as such while holding a darker aspect. Then there is some that see him more his darker form which, from what I read, can be intense. There is of course more others that he can/does take on that his energy may take on that aspect. But no matter if he is a/was a angel that fell or a god or something els, his energy is strong. But some has also said how his energy can have a “lighter” side in which they felt loved and/or protected.

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