Luciferian authors

Apart from Asenath Mason and Michael W. Ford, are there other Luciferian authors worth to be read?

Thank you!


I guess Rev. Bill Duvendack counts if you consider the Draconian path to also be a Luciferian path (which I do). He was one of the contibuters to the Tree of Qliphoth book and a member of the ToAF. I quite enjoyed his analysis of Lucifer’s sigil in the aforementioned book and I’m considering buying a few of his own works, which seem interesting and compatible with most currents. He also has a very interesting YouTube channel where he talks about various magic and occult related subjects.

I’ve also heard of Lucian Black and Richard K Page but I don’t have any of thier books. From what I gather, it’s mostly philosophy, so if you’re looking for ritual books specifically, they might not be what you’re looking for. If you want to read about philosophy, maybe you can check them out (both books have good reviews on Amazon)

Also consider Setian-related or Demonolatry books, and books on Satanic philosophy. The former usually has very useful rituals with similar motives to Luciferian magic (Michael Kelly is both a Draconian author and a Setian mage, so buy his book Apophis at the very least), and the latter (no matter if it’s from Anton LaVey, Daimen Ba’al or Matt Zane) help with personal philosophy. To be honest, there are a lot of books about Satanism in my personal library, and each and every one I don’t regret buying, even the few I don’t entirely agree with. I know that Satanism is not Luciferianism but I also feel like the two complement each other in philosophy.


I agree with everything you said, but how could you leave out Michael Aquino and Stephen Flowers when talking about Setian practice? lol

Both are relativity well-known and to be honest I haven’t read any of Stephen Flower’s works yet. I have read a few things Mr. Aquino has written and watched some of his interviews, and for the most part I agree with a lot of his points (except his theory of Set being a superior image of Satan). I also didn’t list a lot of authors that might also be valid (the Rational Satanism author, Diamon Brazai, Cort Williams…) but who’s to say what one should or should not read on thier path?