Luciferian aura tuning

I’m working on this lately.
What works well for so far is imagining letter “V” in front of my body, whenever I can. I adopted some sort of habit.
In rituals, a lot of fire energy, piramide shape, all around me, sigil gazing, etc…
I like it, I find it to be very useful in a daily life as well as to my magical self.
I like Luciferian identity which I’m creating and adding more elements on every level.

Any thoughts or ideas how to expand workings?
Thank you.

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Try expanding the aura to include wings or tentacles. If you sense a spiritual threat you can actually use said wings as a first-response shield, and the wings can help the aura become more aware and on an advanced level travel beyond the body with the astral self. Tentacles are similar in symbolism.


Wings are a very good idea, I like it.

One more thing, any idea about perfume? It occupies my mind so much. I would prefer self-made one, but not necessarily.

I’m not too knowledgeable in perfumes or incense however many people seem to use Frakincense or Dragon’s blood for Lucifer.

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I already use Dragon’s blood resin for rituals. It has an excellent smell when burned, otherwise no smell at all. Maybe I could try to do something with leftovers :slight_smile:

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