I never tried evocation of Lucifer before for a few reasons. I come from a gnostic background and didn’t think he was a spirit in the sense most people do, I related him to kundalini and shit like that. I been trying to evoke him. I can’t reach Him, keep dialing dialing dialing…I have had a lot of imposter spirits try to come through, I ship them right back, expedited post… I read a few places that he can be hard to reach for even the most experienced magician. Can you guys give me some good recommendations? I’m gonna try a good long fast that cuz sometimes helps me a lot.
I’m looking for evocation methods is there any paraphernalia that could help? Thankss!


For me Lucifer is god himself and the tippy top of the pyramid. He’s for me the easiest to invoke and all other spirits he assigned to me. The thing is, you are not all together incorrect about how you view him. He is far more than just a simple aspect of the universe or a spirit, he is the universe it’s self and part of you as well. When invoking think of him this way and you’re sure to get him and you can’t mistake it, you’ll definitely know beyond a reasonable doubt that it is him. Try my evocation method and see if it helps, Cheers! People ask me, "How do you do it, whats the secret of your success"? Here's how


Thank you AdamThoth

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I think you’ll find this helpful: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

I know what I’m doing, I just can’t get through to this particular entity. thank you Manosman

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