Ever since He came into my life I have realized that I love beautiful things: Good wine, beautiful women, culture and all that is elegance and style…


Thanks for sharing.

That’s so weird. :grinning:


I’ve always had a feeling that he’s an aesthete. The same goes for King Paimon who is very close to him. They both told me they appreciate beauty (as in elegance, style, harmony and grace, but not the ”physical so-called beauty standards of your sick and twisted society“, as King Paimon called it).


I was pursueing all kinds of art when I was still feeling very close to him. My mind was so obsessed with aesthetics everyday.

And then something went wrong with me and him and it was like the middle age era or sth. So dry.

I’ve been feeling aesthetical again as of late so here’s to hoping he’s not pissed off anymore…