Hey guys, I just did the mediation from E.A. Koettings mastering evocation course (chanting name 108 times, and visualization) and connected to Lucifer. I felt really connected to his energy and I felt socked into a cosmic hole. The hands of my physical body grabbed the table and I found a little note under it: Great nebula. It turns out to be the Orion Nebula. Any thoughts?


Perhaps divination could give you an insight. If it wasn’t Lucifer and it was actually Nebula, then perhaps you may need to communicate with that spirit.


He has led me to many of my teachers so it would not come as a surprise to me if he led you to someone else despite trying to connect with him.


Lucifer is an interesting one. I’ll give him that lol.
But yea he’s more of a teacher who can point you in the right direction in my experience. So I do agree with what everyone else has said.

Another thing you may want to look into is how you compare to Nebula in a personal aspect. What related you to them - your personality? your appearance? your day to day routines? There’s obviously a reason you saw Nebula instead of Lucifer. The issue is none of us can tell you exactly why you saw Nebula instead.

Experience -
Lucifer lead me to Belial and Ba’al.


Hello guys, thank You for your answers and suggestions. I tried to find out who Nebula is but did not find much material is it right that Nebula is an other name for Azathoth or am I completely wrong?

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