I just came across a wonderful post about Lucifer from a demon encyclopedia that explains its essence and more, and I want to share this with you


Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing dear. I know them from their youtube ENN (meditation vids). Very genuine. I never saw this. Very good to read.

And I like this for creating a ritual:

Demonic Mantra: Lord Lucifer, guide us through the dark, reveal to us the nature of the shadow, reveal to us the secrets of the forgotten flame and the light within our hearts. Let us awaken our power, let us awaken our purpose. We call to you Great Lord of Darkness, Great Lord of the Inner Light.

Demonic Affirmation: To Lucifer we call, from the shadows of our soul, from the darkness in our minds. Reveal to us the truth of the self. Reveal to us the nature of the soul. Inspire and evoke the passion and desire from the depth of our soul and show us how to awaken the light from within. We have aligned with the power of our core, we have aligned with the power of ourself and through this we rise, through this we awaken. Lord Lucifer, Lord of the Inner Shadow, Lord of the Inner Light, let us step into our soul, show us how to walk with the shadow.

Demonic Hymn: Oh Lord Lucifer who unlocks the gates of the Eternal Black, we seek entrance, we seek the journey that you offer, we seek the wisdom that you grant, open the gates, open the black gates for we are ready, we are ready to leave safety and security and enter the world of the shadow. We walk with you Lord Lucifer, we walk with you to learn your wisdom, we rise and become our truth, because of your guidance and power.

Sacred Chant of Lucifer: Ney tar emosh, Ney tun vey, Lucifer rah saekon, Lucifer rah uymein, Lucifer Ney tar emosh, Lucifer neu tun vey.