Hello. I just wanted to share a amazing experience with lucifer I had. I just got done meditating and I am filled with such positive vibes and feelings. I was gazing at his sigil and I had lit one candle and as I was chanting his enn the candle flame started to move in circles and up and down and it’s almost like it was alive and contorting. As I was reading a poem I wrote him the air got ice cold and my body got super hot and I could sense he was in front of me. Now look when I used to be a Christan pig , I had this painting of jc on my wall and it was glass. When I got done reading and felt the room change temp the picture fell and shattered right in front of me and the candle started to dance like I have never seen before. It all just seems odd that all of those events took place at the right times of each other for it to be a coincidence. That’s all


Hail Lucifer :black_heart::blue_heart:


Congrats for your experience!

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Thank you. It’s such a untapped feeling

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Yes indeed