So i have this friend that had been ignoring me a lot of time (we hadn’t talked for 2 months) and i desperately wanted him back, so last night i evocated lucifer and asked him to make him see what’s he’s doing and to confront me. Today my friend (kinda?) Confronted me by a middleman (also my friend). And nothing really worked out of it. Fast forward this evening, i chatted with his gf because he knew some things only me and she knew and i explicitly told her to keep it secret. I told her about it and she was shocked also so she confronted him about it, aaaand they broke up. Now not only i feel like sht for making them fall apart, but i also have a total of 0% chance to get my friend back. Is Lucifer still rolling or is it me that i’ve made stupid decisions and that’s the result? Everytime i ask Lucifer for something, something sparks and then it goes to TOTAL shit, so much i regret ever asking for it.


I believe Lucifer is working on your requests, but for everything you decide to do (or ask Lucifer to do for you), you need to accept the consequences that come with it.

He indeed made you and your friend talk and he found you an opening too, but that was because you asked him to do that. For example, before I ask of anything, I try to listen to their opinions. Because I could hear something like “I can do it, but it may cause a problem, like…”. So, you need to think before you act and never act with rush!

Magic can be used to give you power, if you use it correctly, or it can destroy your life if you’re not ready to handle it!


It could also be that he feels that the two of you aren’t compatible as friends and this is his way of getting the message across.

Sometimes spirits will do the opposite of what we want them to do as a means of teaching us a lesson.

I think @Manosman may be right though.


This was my first thought too.

Messages you can’t see can easily be shown to you if you ask.


Well to be honest i have a huge crush on him and he found out about it but was really kind and understanding and still wanted to continue our friendship which went on for quite a time to a point where i felt like i was being ignored and sagged by him so i decided to stop talking to him. I still feel like we are compatible, well at least up to today.


It’s possible, however what he asked was to be able to talk to him and perhaps some kind of opening to convince him. All these were given. However, their use would still cause some reaction.