Please if you have had a genuine encounter with Lucifer and he has spoken to you before, inbox me let’s talk.


E.A. Koetting’s live rituals are a good source of energy and links, so you may find this video helpful in establishing a link (if that is what you seek):

There is some good advicew towards the end, starting around 44:20, that also applies IMO to ALL magick:

I never once said, that attaining all power is easy.

But it is doable, if you do the work.

Repeat this (a prayer to acquire the name of the servitor Lucifer gave the people this ritual was done for) morning, when the sun is rising, in the evening when the sun is setting, letting the rays of Lucifer’s light wash over you.

Do this until you receive the name; the key will be in the silence, and in the trust - if you cannot trust yourself, no demon will ever trust you enough to work with you, to speak to you, and to give you their secret knowledge. Trust yourself.

Good luck. :+1:


This was a very touching video for me. I cried and felt comfort


my journey started after this video,4 years ago,worked as a link and i had my first encounter and full manifestation in a tuesday in the month of october

still the strongest experience that i had in all my life,also a eternal puzzle in my head

because it happened to early and caught me off guard,not having much knowledge,didnt had a pencil or paper with me,was not able to draw the sigil in the moment that i was given it but i was able to recognize that was the sigil of Samael,i ended up painting the sigil in one of the walls in my room

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