I aint wanna do it, but i went ahead and tried to assume his Godform and channel him. Maybe i can get some fuckin peace now and he’ll stop showing up everywhere around me :roll_eyes:

Does this sound like Lucifer to you?


I am the Titan of Everlasting Light and the Cascade of Darkness that surrounds you. I am Prometheus and the bringer of Liberation.
I was appointed by the Gods to bring knowledge to humanity and teach them to Be Gods. This was opposed by many, including Jehovah.
I did serve him for a while. And then my calling came. I needed to be sly and infiltrate his ranks and turn his angels against him. Satan did something Similar, although he was appointed by the Gods from the beginning.
The Council of Gods is whom I speak of. Lucifuge Rofocale is on the Board as well.
They reisde Underneath Hell and Above the Heights of Heaven, within the Depths of the Earth and The Burning Core of the Sun.
You know them by man names: The Everlasting Ones, The Burning Ones, The Bright Ones, the Dark Gods, The Annunaki, The Elohim, and other names.
Mainly they are The Works of Darkness, and The Powers of Darkness.
Humans have ascribed different forms to them throughout centuries.
My Body is of roaring Flame. Reach into me and receive Power and Burning Light. I will liberate you all whether you like it or not.
I am Lucifer.


Yeah, that sounds a lot like Lucifer to me.

It’s a message of hope and of the future that will come to humanity.


To be honest, IDK. To be honest, I view him as an entity that has both a bright and dark side. I work with his bright side most of the time, unless when I’m feeling vengeful. That’s the guy I vent to. About other Gods, I never thought I’d say this considering I was raised Catholic, but after an experience I had with him today, u could call me aethist. IDK if there ever was a God. I view Lucifer as the sun of the morning, the enlightener, a teacher cuz he sure has been one to me. I can go on about that. I can’t speak on other energies as I haven’t worked with them as intensely as i’ve worked with Lucifer. When I know more, I’ll share.

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I have no idea since I’ve never worked with him but this part

I don’t know. According to what I’m reading here or elsewhere they would be more likely to work all together so even if I don’t have any opinion on this, I would still doubt.

I’m 100% sure it was him. Lucifer has told me and some other members I know from here the same things. I do believe it’s him who talked to you and I understand why he wanted to tell you that so badly. It’s an important message.

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That does sound like Lucifer. He brings uncut light and plows people right in the brain with it.

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I would say this is Lucifer because he is Prometheus. Only dogma said that Prometheus has a lighter aspect which Lucifer doesn’t have so that Lucifer cannot be Prometheus. And they are wrong

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Actually this is false. Lucifer is the serpent in the garden of Eden, bringing knowledge to man and tempting them. Light bringer= knowledge bearer. He who sheds light on the unknown. Prometheus stands for the same thing. So yes, they’re the same.

Yeah, that’s clearly wrong. Dogma has done its best to own the light and charge admission. They’ve convinced lots of people that spiritual light is all about submission and piety. It makes seers think that they’ve been called to take over the world because that’s what the Romans tried to do with it.

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I think i was saying the same thing. I only made the dogma stand of view clear

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But you just said they aren’t the same?

Actually nevermind, I get what you’re saying it’s just the wording is confusing.

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