Ok so if shiva is a god of death and a mask of Lucifer does that make Lucifer a god of death?

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Shiva is not a mask of Lucifer. They’re two different people.


I don’t think Shiva is a “mask” of Lucifer (whatever that actually means), as Shiva is a spirit in Hinduism, but in my experience Lucifer could be called, among many other things, a spirit of death.

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Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Lucifer is all these beings. That’s really my only gripe about Become a Living God. They’re merging a shit ton of entities together that don’t really need to be together.

I made the mistake of digging through names and histories for years and getting nowhere. It’s a rabbit hole that never ends. Just contact the gods as they are. Don’t worry about it.


I don’t know about Shiva being Lucifer (or a mask of Lucifer, etc). But as for Lucifer being a god of death, I don’t think that matches with the way I see him to be honest.


Be open to what comes. Be discerning. You are the ultimate beginning and end of perception.

The thing with the mask thing is Shiva predates Lucifer by far, it makes 0 sense for Shiva to be a mask of someone who is far younger than he is Shiva is a self created Primordial Being, Lucifer is not a primordial being.

In theory if we actually were to take this as fact Lucifer would be a mask of Shiva not the other way around.

But I agree with Antony, it’s really only a BALG author thing that many new people of BALG seem to piggyback onto. Some of BALG has this obsessive need to merge every being into Lucifer which can create a whole mess of trouble if a newbie goes and summons Shiva and calls him a mask of Lucifer, that in my opinion is insulting.

However, back on point Shiva is a God of many things creation, destruction, etc. Lucifer in the idea of being Enki was never a God of death, Lucifer in the idea that he’s the roman sun God was never a God of death, Lucifer was never really tied as a Deity of Death. Lucifer has only been linked to the Sun and Knowledge for the most part.


A lot of things Lucifer is identified with are nothing but Christian inventions to fit their narrative. Shiva is certainly not a mask of Lucifer. Shiva is a primordial deity and if anything, He would be more akin to Lucifer’s father or something, although I’m aware this is not quite accurate - so don’t take it literally. If you want to view them from an archetypal point of view, you could come to certain conclusions pertaining to what they represent (and then you’d find other deities/ spirits who would fit into the same “family” - validity notwithstanding), but the whole mask business is pointless and inaccurate imo, and also too simplistic. Lucifer, in His pagan form, is absolutely not a god of death. Unless you mean “death of ignorance”, then yes, because He brings enlightenment. But in the literal sense, no.


There are Two Shivas,one is Human incarnation called Shankar who is seen meditating and one is formless SadaShiva…
Lucifer is Ancient Deity in Greek Mythology.

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