Hello Question the morning star has been around for a lil so i decided to join him as a helper on my journey he came to me. So my question is what are his attributes ??? Please help ty.

His attributes?

Yeah… What is his strong points his knowledge

Lucifer is a pretty versatile individual, though not all knowing sure, but I find that he has a pretty wide expansion of knowledge but if there is something he doesn’t know he’ll send you to someone he trusts that knows.


Kk ty very much

Short answer: He can do pretty much most things. He’s not specific to one field.

Long answer: Use the forum search function. Your question has already been answered.

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Depends on who you ask and who or what you define as ”Lucifer“. As stated before, use the search function please, this is a fairly common question that has already been answered.

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Lucifer is wise, patient, and can be chill like a bro as well, these are my experiences