Lucifer..was he there?

I just evoked Lucifer for the first time for Love work…i used to see ( before getting into magic) like a month ago, a character in my dream,twice.

This character is called Michael Langdon ( played by actor Cody Fern) in american horror story, season 8… who plays i think the role of Satans Son. I dont know much about Satanism etc.Hence i dont know if in reality Satan even had a son…or not. Now this guy came in my dream twice, and i feel so attracted towards him in the dream,and i say to him,the following…

“If you weren’t my father,i would have married you”

He is a fatherly figure actually in my dream and he supports me too… i didnt understand the dream at that time. Now joining the BALG Forum,i read,that many write, Lucifer is our father etc…

Now i feel this dream has a connection,with what i did now. I was drawing Lucifer’s Sigil…i was feeling as if he wanted me to talk to him…I did so.I started crying,i kissed the sigil too…i asked him to make me feel his presence…and let me tell you, its 5 am here in the morning,very dark and silent. The flame of the black candle started moving as if somebodys breath was near it…and i had goosebumps all over my body and felt in my third eye kind of as if someone hugged me and told me he is going to take care of my matter.

I have 2 Questions…
1.Do you think, the signs were from him to make me feel he was there?

2.What are your thought about my dream and now this ? ( me being able to find help here and evoking Lucifer…cos i never knew that also is possible…)




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you need to interpret your dream metaphorically down to the smallest detail, especially the environment and colors

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Yes, spirits often try to give us various signs to make us realize that they’re near.

I guess you’re well guided.

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