Lucifer wanting to talk to me

I get random desires to talk to Lucifer throughout the day. I start my day with my prayers and thank yous.

Has anyone experienced this with their entity?


Yeah I’ve felt the same and I also work with Lucifer

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Thanks. I felt crazy even asking this question to the forum.
Your profile pic is nice!

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Yes, it happens with all spirits. I suggest you summon him more often and talk with him. Maybe he wants to teach you or tell you something important.

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Okay. I appreciate the reply. I talk to him all the time…
More like a conversation with a friend. Do you think I should just wait until I am able to invoke?

In my experience, just talking to him is good enough to learn from him. But invoking him is also a great way to do so.

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A regular teacher on my 4 mile walks. Walk and chat :slight_smile: :infinity:


I get the desire to converse with him too…I have had moments where it seems like he speaks to me. My situation is kind of complicated. I’m scared to actually approach him

Please don’t be scared. I’m learning that there is a reason why he wants to people to speak to him.
Sometimes you dont need to invoke him with a ritual…sometimes you just need to talk to him like you do with friends. I do that more than trying to complete a ritual.
My life changed for the better since he “summoned” me.
I feel bad when I try to meditate while driving at work…I make it my civil duty to come to my house during lunch to speak with him…whenever I get that urge…


Wow. It is really interesting that you use the terminology of Lucifer “summoning” you. That sounds like something I thought I’ve actually heard him say before. I was wondering why it seemed like he was calling to me even tho I’ve never made effort to evoke. A reply came “because I am summoning YOU”

Lol…I got something similar.
He summoned me right after I decided that God wasnt real and I stopped following Christianity. I was scared as well, but there was a reason why he wanted me to talk to him. Since then, I am glad I made the change…
When Lucifer honors my petition I wrote him…then I will be the happiest girl in the world!