Lucifer sigil

So a week or so ago I contacted lucifer through sigil magick, I didnt hide the sigil after the ritual was done, I just folded it up and sat it on my shelf. my eyes would brush over it a few times a day. then a couple days ago I was being pulled to open it so I did and for the past 2 days ive used it to help myself meditate on lucifer. I just heard that if you open the sigil before what you asked is completed just to even look at it that it could negate the effects of it. but whenever i use it I feel an extremely strong connection to him and i cant bring myself to burn or destroy it because i feel like id be cutting the connection off. if someone has some suggestions on what you think I should do I would love to hear them, cause i just want to know if what i did actually impacts anything if I feel like i should still have the sigil.


Hmmm…I’m not sure that opening the sigil before the request has been completed will negate it. Certainly don’t summon him every other day demanding a progress report, but meditating on Lucifer will bring you closer to him and establish more of a connection between you and him. Especially if you intend to keep working with him, which I personally would recommend, that’s a good thing.

As for the sigil itself, it sounds like it’s still open. This is also a good thing if you want to keep working with Lucifer as it will make it easier to quickly meditate and commune with him. I had Duke Sallos’s sigil open for a month or so in my room when I was working with him and it made it much easier. If at some point you want to close the sigil and dispose of it, definitely don’t burn it. It’s considered offensive to many spirits. I usually add extra lines to the sigil, changing the design such that its connection with the spirit is lost. I then bury it somewhere. It’s more of a pain in the ass than just burning it, but it’s more respectful.


Thank you I appericate it very much. I intend to work with him as much as possible because looking back he has been around since i was a child which i only realized recetly. I’m deffinetly trying to deepen my connection with him when i meditate on him, but when im actually in contact with him i feel no need to ask for a progress report or anything because all i asked is for him to teach and guide me, I honestly just enjoy the conversations with him, his company alone makes me feel completly happy like overcome with it. I also feel that that feeling is kinda hindering me from learning from him though.



Weird this thread pops up because I have a very similar question.

When I leave offerings out for spirits like burning incense or food I leave the sigil out right next to it or put the offering right on top of it.

Just evoked a spirit actually and left incense burning.

I heard this is a bad idea because other spirits can attach themselves to the sigil ?

Or is that only possible if you leave it out before you open it and use it for a evocation ?

Like if the demons energy has already attached itself to the sigil surely a weak trickster can’t attach itself to it ?


I heard the same thing. But I would assume the same thing as you. When I first did the ritual I freshly drew it then opened it. I wouldnt think that a lesser demon would be able to attach itself to the sigil, espically since its a spirits as powerful as Lucifers.


Short answer: that really doesn’t matter at all, nor it impacts anything. You do you and nothing will get undone or anything like that.

That’s the thing with rituals, people create wrong rules, just to balance it out. I mean “the ritual is amazing, but there should be something to balance the good results, or else everyone would use it to gain something without any cost and that would be bad because…”…
No! Magic isn’t League of Legends (I don’t like that game btw XD), where all champions are balanced (in theory at least), so that everything is equal. Magic works 100% without any limits.

So, if there are no limits, why do we use rituals? I mean, it’s kind of a limit…
The answer is simple. We don’t have to use them! Rituals are a tool to just “throw” energy at the right direction. In other words, if you could “throw” energy yourself, at the same direction, you don’t need any ritual or anything.

So, my advice would be not to care on how the ritual is done, but the essence behind it!