Lucifer-Short But Sweet

So before going out on the town tonight I decided to briefly contact Lucifer as in our pact agreement I stated I would contact him in some way shape or form daily.Be it through visualized meditation,sigil work,or full blown evocation.

After my shower I sat in my small room where I’m staying at the moment and began meditating on his sigil which I have inscribed on a small wooden eisel.

I began reciting “Lucifer Lucifer lord of the night,Lucifer I call the bringer of light.Father of darkness father of might.Come to my hearing and speak to my sight”.

I recited this until I felt the unmistakable light of Lucifer surround me.
I then recited an invocation to Lucifer and began to feel drenched in energy and power.Like I could take on this world and any other world that exists.

I became somewhat immobilized and all I could say was “Venite Lucifer Amen” then “Amen” over and over.
Overwhelmed by the power,light,and love that I felt I kissed his sigil and said “Thank you father.”

This is weird for me as I have never looked at any entity this way.I have felt a fatherly love from some spirits but I that moment i felt as if Lucifer were my true father.

Now I think I felt compelled to say this for a reason,so Lucifer could deliver me this short but sweet message.

He said “I am not your father,you are your own father.”

After meditating on this for a moment I thought “What does a father do?”

He teaches,he disciplines,he loves.
So what I got from what Lucifer was saying is that he wants me to learn from doing,to correct myself when I fuck up,and most importantly,LOVE myself.
These are all things I’ve had problems with in the past and even now.This may not be a revelation for any of you but it struck home for me and gave me much to ponder and work on throughout our pact and beyond.

Remember to love yourselves.If you don’t then how will your majick work if you don’t believe you’re worth it working for?

Hope you all are doing well and I love you all!



That’s really cool, thanks for sharing this. It’s always great when they say something and it just hits you in the chest like a cemi. Thanks for sharing your experience.