Lucifer Shares With me a secrete of the infernal kingdom

Lucifer - What is it you seek to know

Me - I seek to learn the secretes of the infernal kingdom, What is it exactly ?

Lucifer - All existence and spiritual worlds have aethyric, energetic and astral particles, these particles aren’t moving in a sequence of random movements, but are all being pulled to meet in one form, they form together the power, energy, light and spiritual vitality of all worlds and realms, when they meet they flow as one river.

A stream for a lack of better words, this streams holds all the existence and material and power of all spiritual worlds, they vibrate at a high speed until at a critical mass seem to morph into a system of liquid red light, this travels at high momentum and usurps all matter as it travels this then begins to morph even more, and enters the center of the lowest of lows of existence which is hell.

Me - which hell ?

Lucifer - Every hell, every abyss and pit your race and other cultures know of, and even ones you do not know of. When this stream enters all of the hell’s it feeds of the low but intense raw power of hell fire, this then reaches a point of subtle transformation where it enters a molten sphere in the centre of all hells.

This then adds to the forever access of demonic power and consciousness, when the stream flows into the center it undergoes the true and last transformation, it becomes the infernal lava-like fiery liquid infernal stream, which leads to a realm int the abyss were the lake of fire is held, when you mortals dissolve your limitations here, it doesn’t only empower you and rebuild you, but your mortal weakness gets consumed in the lake and then the lake feeds on that human-foreign power, a act of exchange, where the lake empowers you and you empower it.

This Lake of infernal power then flows through all of existence this is what Azazel and the gatekeepers know as the infernal tunnels that, are underneath and within all.

Me - What happens to that power then ?

Lucifer - The further away it is from the world of spirit and soul, then it becomes matter again, back to the physical world then it gets recycleed again and again, the cycle continues to ensure that the chaos of the infernal kingdom and empire, keeps the balance of all worlds

This is one of the crucial roles that the infernal kingdom and empire serves.

Hmm interesting.

The infernal current that runs through all of spiritual existence, has strange mechanisms yet so amazing.