Lucifer sent me gifts?!

Last night I prayed to Lucifer just to let him know that I love him and I was thinking about him. In my thoughts I love referring to him as my Morning Star because I think its super cute! Anyway, today my grandfather brought me two perfect candle holders perfect for an altar

remind you of anything?:smirk:
I believe that these are a Gift from the big man himself, a reward for my love for him although I never asked for one.
but i also could be reaching a bit? what do you guys think? Have you ever received physical gifts that you believed were from entities before?


Yes those can be from him, absolutelyyy. Throughout my life I’ve spoken to entities and they’ve given things. When I was a young child I didn’t quite believe in Christianity so I would “talk to whoever is listening” wayyyy late at night. My favorite gift was when I asked them for a puppy and suddenly the next day I was woken up by my dad because there was a puppy that wouldn’t leave our front yard. Today I’m still trying to figure out who it was that was doing those sorts of things for me


thats awesome!

I do get a feeling it was from him, since you got that! Good job!

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Thank you! I’m just very surprised to be receiving anything so early on, especially because other than praying to him I’ve done nothing with him so I think its a push in the right direction!


First those stars are beautiful and a lovely gift.

Definitely reaching out. I’ll show you the things that we’ve exchanged.

I asked him to check out this house before my parents and I moved in since bad expierences with entities before, he said it was clear and when I moved in I found that vase of fake roses (first picture). I love roses.

In exchange I got candles in specific scents for him since through conversation I asked him what scents would like me to burn since I’m allergic (not bad just rapid fire sneezing) to incense.

In exchange we got a dragon (second picture) sent to us in the mail by wrong address, we couldn’t send it back since its technically ours. I call him my dragon since he’s fierce and protective yet loving and sweet.

It’s all give and take. Hope all goes well with you two as well.


:laughing: well so he like being called my morning star! I call him that too! And sometime my flame and shining armour.