Lucifer’s specialty?

Does he do it all or does he prefer to help in some specific matters?
I didn’t really find much about him but if there’s something I’ve missed then by all means post the link or links :slight_smile:

Also one thing I want to ask is why do you feel this ”thing” on your head while evoking him? A girl here told me that she read about others having it too


The thing on your head is likely your third eye or your crown opening


I’ve evoked other demons and nothing like that happened with them though, but I did ask him if he could help me open my astral senses


You are feeling him working on them then. Sounds like he’s helping you develop your crown so you can communicate with your divine higher self better.

While that’s going on make sure you maintain your other energy centers. Too much activity in the head and nothing through the rest is just…:face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage:

You should find something in the #mastering-kundalini-amp-energy-work section about getting started with chackras if you don’t work with them already.


I’ve had this kind of ”before headache” when evoking him and it’s annoying. It’s not a headache but like the feeling before a headache is about to come.
I’ve worked a little with the heart chakra

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Lucifer is good at many things. He’s like, a jack of all trades: from love matters to astral senses development.