Lucifer’s Lamp

Lucifer’s Lamp

To bring enlightenment or help you find insight into a situation, light this lamp every night for a week during your meditation and all will be revealed

You will need

• 1 Brass lamp. A small Diya (Puja) lamp is perfect for this

• Lucifer Oleum

• Dried Lemon Balm

• Dried Lavender Flowers

• Olive oil

• Cotton wick

Note - If you don’t know how to Make lucifer’s Oleum then here’s the recipe | 1-4 cup ground Lemon Grass, 1 Pinch Lemon Balm powder, 2 Bay leaves, and 1 Teaspoon of finely powdered fennel seeds. Mix this together with a willow branch/wand

During the construction of the lamp, invoke Lucifer. Bless and consecrate the lamp in the name of Lucifer and anoint it with the appropriate oleum. You may place or paint the seal of Lucifer somewhere on the lamp, or set the seal on a wooden or metal paten with Lucifer’s seal on it.

Take two pinches of dried lemon balm and a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers and place them in the bottom of the brass lamp in which a fresh wick has been placed. Pour in 1-3 tablespoons of olive oil into the lamp. The oil should be soaked up by the wick. Let the herbs and oil stand for 12-24 hours before lighting.

The other option is to just pour 2-4 drams of your olive oil based Lucifer oleum into your lamp, add more olive oil to make sure your wick is sufficiently soaking up the oil.
Light the lamp at the beginning of the session and let it burn out naturally.
Or, if using in celebration of the equinox, light the lamp at the Equinox and keep it burning until the next morning at sunrise IF you have the ability to stay awake and keep the oil filled and lamp lit. You may be able to rig a longer burning lamp. If you are using glass jars (depending on size can burn up to 8 hours). If you do that, get a wick holder because a hot flame next to glass can make the glass explode.