Lucifer Paimon Belial and career path

I’m interested in who you would work with to increase your commitment and focus on developing and finding your purpose in this life? Like who could help you discover that?

How would you go about that personally


Bael or Belial maybe?

Also, you’ll find King Paimon will take much more kindly to you if you put the “King” in front of his name.

I think you’ll see it’s rare for it to be left out.


I personally feel like all 3 you mentioned would be suitable. It comes down to your field and who you are more comfortable with or drawn towards imo.

For me, Lord Belial helped me to find the mcareer suitable for me. You can also ask King Paimon or your higher self about this.


I know he’s not one of the three names mentioned in the title, but personally, I’d go with Halah’thor, one of the Nether Lords under Azazel. He has the power to “help you establish a career that not only will provide for you financially, but will align with your greater destiny.”


I don’t know where one would find this spirit and information?

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He is found in EA Koetting’s Book of Azazel, but his seal is available on the forum. Just search for it.

Paimon And Halathor. First is great in influencing your future employer, second is great adviser if you need answers for career path issues

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