Lucifer Necklace - Charging it

hi there, i bought this lovely necklace:

that from the first glimpse i felt it calling on to me. so in one part of the description it says “This talismanic sigil encircles and invokes Lucifer in one of its’ purest archetypes.” does that mean its already charged and will connect me to Lucifer? if not how can i charge it to help me connect with Lucifer by just to holding it and have it to be my protection talisman (ofc Lucifer is the protector). also is charging it the same as consecrating it?


Call upon him and ask him to do that . I did the same thing.



Also, do carry it with you as much as possible. It will soon be full with your energy too that way.

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Thank you for your reply. Call upon him as a Candel, sigil, drop of blood on sigil while chanting his enn ?

or do i have to make a full ceremonial ritual?

Thats a good advice thanks for the reply

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Yes,do just regular evocation,be respectful and ask him to do that,you can offer him a glass of wine.

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will he has to posses me to drink the wine? if not, will the wine literally disappear form the cup ?> if not what should i do with it

:joy: depends of the spirit.When Astaroth take a wine you can see the part of liquid is missing,after a day.He would not possess you,don’t be silly,you should establish close relationship with him that he wants to do that. They don’t jump from body to body,it’s something more advanced in that action. You can have invocation and in that case he will possess some part of your body. :blush:

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well, i just evoked him and if you would like to know what happened, please check the thread i just made:

please let me know cause u seem experienced and i really appreciate ur opinion.

thanks for reply, can u check my other post and read the details so u could tell what to do.