Lucifer more than one god?

EA Eric is calling Lucifer Amaymon i have called him by Melek Taus Enki and Azazel so does he have split personalities or are we just calling different demons spirits Lucifer when they are not?

I know these masks

  1. Prometheus
  2. Janus
  3. Attar
  4. Lugh
  5. Azazel
  6. Lucifuge
  7. Shemyaza
  8. Shiva
  9. Samael
  10. Melek Taus
  11. Pan
  12. Loki - This one I came to understand as a revelation from Lucifer directly himself.

So these are the masks many including myself know off.

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Lucifer has many aspects in many civilizations.

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Arguably, yes. @C.Kendall’s list is pretty extensive. In addition to many names, he also has many forms and many myths. For example the Lucifer in the Christian Bible is very different from Stregheria Lucifer, Gnostic Lucifer or Satanic Lucifer, and every mask and tradition explores Lucifer differently. This means there are a lot of ways that Lucifer can be interpreted as a God, Archetype and as the manifestation of a conceptual idea (enlightened wisdom). Personally I think every god is also an archetype and Lucifer is one of many spirits who claim the same archetype, and also like many spirits he claims a few of these archetypal titles. He just happens to share many similarities with other spirits due to his nature of being a wisdom deity with abstract connections to other concepts.


What would be the difference between archtype and a spirit?

An archetype is kind of like a role and it’s the psychological part of a spirit, the spirit itself is more of a manifestation or energy connected to the archetype. For example, the spirits Lucifer, Odin, Athena, Thoth, and Saraswati are all gods of wisdom, but Lucifer is specifically the wisdom god of intuletual rebellion, guidance, enlightenment, and duality.


Ok thanks

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