Lucifer+Michael is possible?

Hello guys, I am new on RHP but it occurs naturally to me go this way, I will tell my full history later here…
My question its simple, can an archangel like Michael work having Lucifer as he partners to help me ?

I feel affinity with both but never worked with Lucifer before, but its so strong this connection that i don’t even need to evoke, just from studying or reading or thinking about Lucifer things starts to manifest, but because of my root catholic very ignorant old polarized education my subcontinent tends to sabotage this path, but I was thinking to evoke this two in order to get equilibrium.

What do you guys think ?

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Of course, in fact, they are nothing like you will see in religions.

But please do an introduction if you dont wanna get hunted by @DarkestKnight :smiley:



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Yes. You should not see them as someone whose bound with any religion.

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Yep. In fact, Lucifer and Michael are close friends.


Short answer: Yes!

All kinds of spirits work together all the time.


Which many wouldn’t believe because of the beautiful status of Micheal stomping On Lucifer’s Head in the catholic churches.

I remember having to have a bunch of archangels and Fallen in the same room for something and being slightly worried but was told it was ok. It was they work really well together.


Thanks brother!
Alredy done my introduction!

The statue thing just embraces the antagonism , like they are rivals…
The catholic church deturped everything ,they really messed up with the history.


I was being a smart ass with that comment :joy: I’ve worked with both of them.

Do you feel michael very serious too ?
How you feel lucifer “humor/vibe” ?

Ive heard about that, wow…amazing

I’ve always liked the idea of them being siblings.

Wow ! Who told you that? Lucifer or Michael?

I think they absolutely work well together! They often show up together to me now. I get basically a brotherly, we go way back vibe from them.

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