Lucifer may have heard my call during a small ritual, but I may have "misheard" it as something else

I say small ritual because I’m doing everything in secret and it’s not that easy doing the rest of the ritual that I was intended to do. (I still live with my parents, trying to save money while going to college since it’s literally 5 minutes of away by foot)

Anyways, last night was a bit different. As someone who’s trying to do everything in secret, I literally just about have my voice and my faith in Lucifer. I called out to him, not in the way of “please show yourself”. But acknowledging him, while asking for help without having the “give and return”. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m just trying to say that I wasn’t calling in a “begging” manner. After doing that, I just closed my eyes and decided to meditate. Whenever I did this right before going to sleep, I just ended up falling asleep. I asked to let me now his presence if he’s here. At about 15 minutes, I saw an outline of a face while my eyes were closed. Suddenly feeling fear, I tried my best to remain calm. I deemed this fear as normal because as human instincts, we are afraid of the unknown at first. I keep repeating a few times, to let me know his presence if he’s here. I don’t remember the time frame very well as most of it was blurred, but it was probably an hour later that I randomly started to astral projecting. It has been a while, so I forgot about the “drop” you feel/hear before it actually happens. I refused, basically giving into fear. I woke up, blinked and took a deep breath. It’s over right? Well, that’s what I assumed. I don’t know how else to explain it, but that “drop” feeling kept happening. It’s something you normally feel before you achieve astral projection. I couldn’t sleep that night at all, by the time it was 4 am (like I said time just felt blurred, so I don’t know the exact time, even though I had a digital clock but it was far away from my bedside) I was exhausted. 30 minutes later is when I actually fell asleep.

Although the astral projection was not intended to happen, I by self-judgment do need to still learn more. Although it does feel like I know a lot, there’s always something new to learn. I do apologize if it was actually Lucifer calling and I may have missed it. I do have to know how to withstand that “by instinct fear”. It really seems like it’s getting in the way whenever I tried to spiritually connect.

It’s getting late over here, I should sleep in a moment. Goodnight everyone.


Thanks for sharing! I believe someone did help you astral project, it happened to me as well recently.

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Lucifer in particular, I have found, is always pushing us to better ourselves, to refine our crafts. It sounds like, since you aren’t sensing presences immediately as some do, meditative work may be an area you need to continue with more deeply. This will help you refine your senses and better sense the supernatural around you.
I know how hard the drop can be. I tried to meditate last night but I have a very intense headache that I just couldn’t escape. I was under but I couldn’t focus or release myself fully from the pain to journey. I had to give up.

I believe, for what it is worth, that Lucifer was trying to help you, would like to continue to help you and would like to see you grow.

BTW, I’m sorry you have to hide your faith. It is genuinely one of the most painful things you will ever have to do. I hope you get to be “out and proud” soon.