Lucifer Malek Taus wants a pact

I have been working with Lucifer for few months along w other spirits . He’s made it clear it’s the Malek Taus Peacock angel who comes to me. I absolutely adore him and he’s been so good to me. He wants to make a pact and help me out but I’m afraid he will tell me to leave my Boyfriend whom I have a child with. My boyfriend has not done anything wrong and is a good guy but we have grown apart through my workings…he’s not on same page anymore. Not sure I can leave for almost no reason, and if I sign a pact that says I’ll listen to him…what if I can’t do it. It’s the only thing stalling me at this point. Anyone have any thoughts?


Make sure thats actually the Real Melek Taus sis/bro…
You dont HAVE to do anything a being tells you. You aint no fuckin child.
I dont give a damn how much you love him, love and obedience is a RHP doctrine. Not a LHP one.

You can set boundaries with him and declare what you will do and wont do


Love + Obedience leads to willfull slavery.
Dont fall prey to that :metal:


Right, I just don’t want to agree to follow direction then have it be something I really am not comfortable doing. That’s the thing with these pacts. So I will write in the pact very clear boundaries.

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You need to ask Lucifer if that will be a problem. And make it clear that’s not something your willing to deal with.

If he refuses, no pact. If he accepts, make it. This is your GodDamn world!!!

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Usually either party can walk away from a possible contract - what’s in it for you? What’s in it for your child, your boyfriend and the entity?

Wait - he hasn’t explicitly said this now has he? In which case say that this is a non-negotiable, but be aware that you may end up in a bound situation where the only thing holding you together is the child.

Perhaps something around not to interfere or involve himself with the natural flow of the relationship?

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No but I get pushed feeling, and shown issues.
That’s exactly how iam wording it! Ty! If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t , I don’t want it to be any spirits doing or shove so to speak. TY.

Right I’ll ju st find someone else if he won’t

He might just be trying to make you aware of the situation you and your partner growing apart. If you want to stay together you can ask for help to change your partners mind.

Belial’s doesn’t like my husband he thinks I can do better. An older guy with money but he would never do anything to sabatoge my marriage because I expressly stated that I love my husband and If I ever leave him it would be my decision. Yet I always listen to and respect Belial’s advice.

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My boyfriend doesnt seem to care or notice, it’s me that thinks we’re growing apart etc. Yes the spirits like to point things out to me about my faults, his faults , things I could change…things that annoy me about him. His weaknesses. How I could have someone more manly and less whiny. It goes on, but you know.

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