Lucifer, Lucifer a special request

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this from working with lucifer,
my bonds are strong with those I work with always have been, I find it easy to call on them, when they are with me we are we and some bring out quite a naughty side to me especially lucifer, his energy excites me, it’s powerful yet he’s genuinely gentle with me.
I’ve also noticed the rise in protection from lucifer and gifts of premonition and recognising when someone is deceiving me,
He does not want me hurt I know this and except this, but those who work with him have you experienced this level of bonding?,
I will call on others & he will sometimes take over I can feel his specific vibe when he’s around which is ok I except our bond he’s a great teacher, every time I ask him who I am too him and my name to him he does not share, the only words “I am to you as you are too me”
So I was wondering if someone else who has a bond with him could ask on my behalf.
I know this request may prove un fruitful but answers I seek so a seeker I must find.


Well, even though I work with Lucifer, we aren’t that close, or at least, not as close as I am with other spirits. However, I do understand how you feel, mostly due to the fact that spirits close to us tend to take good care of us, if that’s the nature of the bond we have with them of course.


It isn’t in my place to tell you, but its best to ask yourself, what he is to you (friend, lover, family, etc) and analyze the answers you are telling yourself. Analyze everything he says and asks the questions to yourself. After all, no one can give you the best answer, but yourself. Good luck.


@Shani thank you I am sure I know what I am to him, it’s just who I am, I will definitely try again, I also question maybe he’s not ready to tell me. :thinking:
@Manosman you definitely know once the bonds there it’s there.


I’ve found that Azazel looks out for me like that. He has kept me out of some bad situations for sure.


If you feel such a strong bond, then you should have no issue asking yourself. Better to be honest with them, they see through our bullshit lol. I hold Lucifer very close, just say what’s on your mind, and elaborate on what you mean.


@BadSanta thank you for the much needed kick up the booty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
so i did, I asked him as i had been doing work with him and others all evening, so I asked about our bond, (it ended up being a late night) he showed me the past & the present and the future of us, then showed me his sigil on my left wrist, which he’s done before but I understood the meaning he was giving me this time.
I then asked him about our bond he first said, it’s love, he also said you challenge me which he likes, which excites him, he told me I use his name as a lover which he hears, he did repeat I am to you, as you are to me always.
Then he kindly showed a situation surrounding my life currently, then he showed me how he has been there & the possible future of that said situation (free will)
Plus this morning 3 items I had lost I have now found :+1:t2:
So I announce my gratitude to you oh great lucifer on here as you asked, for your work and protection, I am to you, as you are to me always.
Thank you all for your input :blush: @BadSanta @NamelessOne @Shani @Manosman
I think natural doubt in our abilities hits us all at some point, I am glad I re tired and this time I went in without doubt or fear in my mind


I haven’t ‘worked’ with Lord Lucifer but after getting past the initial ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ fear (thanks horror movies🙄) I just felt drawn to him. When I came across his enn, I remembered it in no time and it flows beautifully through me every time I say it.
I’ve been comforted, rewarded, listened to by Lord Lucifer, I have a feeling that not only is he helping me but protecting me all the time.

Hail Lord Lucifer


Sounds like an egregore. He fucking annihilated me with his energy and sent me to the floor with a high pitched ringing. No mercy was shown. It was like I’d downed a bottle of absinthe.


Sorry to say that, but it sounds to me like you’re misunderstanding him there.

The statement " you are to me as i am to you ", means more or less i love you, i treat you with the same respect you give me aswell.

It’s actually a huge sign of empathy or liking, if you will.

Sure, someone else would get a different answer,
but it’d be a run down describtion of you,
not what he feels, because he already told you that directly by himself.



I relate to this post more than any others. My bond with Lucifer is quite intense and strong. He has been with me as a child. But our relationship meaning is known but yet unknown to me in a sense. I know part of it and what I need to know for now. And the rest will come with time I am sure.

I understand your frustration as I aswell had a similar experience asking Lucifer what I am to him. But Each person had their own connections to him. Wether strong or dull but I think it is on you do decipher those feelings and thoughts