Lucifer “Lord of Shadows and Flame“

I need written invocation of Lucifer Lord of Shadow and Flame. PM me if you want to share !


Lucifer, the Lord of Shadow, Sand (and) Flame is kind of what your title looks like. Which reminds me more of Set actually.

Anyways, I think you should just look up any old invocation guide. If you do that with his sigil, it should do the same thing. The words function as theatrics, basically, you don’t really need a whole song just to call him up. But if you feel that is more fun, go for it.


This is not a formal invocation its one of draconian rituals from the book ”Rites of Lucifer “. That’s why I am asking if anyone have it.

Use the search function

You telling me :rofl: all right thanks!

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