LUCIFER is a fantastic being



So I felt drawn to lucifer since the beginning of seriously getting involved in the occult. Like a lot of people I am pretty stubborn about blindly following dogma and the Gnostic beliefs resonate with me quite a bit.

So I make a quick prayer to him one day after researching him a bit but nothing formal. Later I dedicate myself to following the left hand path in his presence. I then set up a small altar to him to make offerings here and there, asking only to have a relationship with him. No formal request. I also promised to light a candle I bought for his altar every day until it burns out.

So me and my partner are trying for a child this month and have been for a long time and I particularly want a daughter. One occasion before sex I left his candle alight and asked him if he would help me in getting a daughter, you can guess what happens at the end of the month when my partner takes a test.

The day we find out is exactly the day I had decided to formally make a pact with him to have him in my life to help me improve myself and in return I accept the challenges he feels it necessary to give me. I also keep getting the feeling that he is not that interested in constant offerings and prefers a genuine engagement.

I haven’t formally spoken to him since this although I did quickly ask him if I could share the fact we had a relationship. From what I got back I think he does not mind at all. I tell my partner and find it difficult to order my words it’s a lot to suddenly blurt out. I tell her Lucifer is not who they say he is and tell her I speak to him and made a pact. She doesn’t seem worried or scared at all which is definately great.

I feel I ought to thank Lucifer greatly and I’m currently attempting to figure out the best way to do so.

Also I enquired about his identity and I keep thinking he might also be Sophia the Aeon, the stories match up and I feel like he gave me an affermative when I asked him in meditation. Has anyone else had this impression?


Congrats on your happy news! And yes Lucifer is a great being :kissing_heart:


Congrats! These are some great news indeed!
Also, I do suggest you to learn from Lucifer, he’s an amazing spirit indeed!