Lucifer Invocation (first time)

Hello everyone

Last night was the first time I attempted invocation and it was also the first time I’ve truly felt a presence when engaging in magick. I’ve got results before when evoking some demons however I’ve never felt their presence around me, thus I just spoke what I wanted and politely dismissed them, hoping they heard me. Yesterday I attempted to invoke Lucifer. I began by chanting his enn when I felt my mind and senses become extremely sharp, my brain super focused onto his sigil, and his presence undeniably around me. I’ve never felt anything like this before (I know this is likely common for you all). With his presence around me, I welcomed him to enter my mind and body to kindly help me develop my astral senses. After this however, I did not feel any different, even up until now.

I know my astral senses are still developing however I was expecting to be able to communicate with him or at least feel his presence in me after reading on others experiences in the forum.

My questions what do you guys think happened? What do you guys think I should do? Should I repeat it again? And also if you just have any general tips for me it would be much appreciated. I rushed this post as I’m currently in a hurry right now, pls forgive any grammar errors


I believe it worked and you should believe so too. Especially since you summoned him and felt him there.
However, note that a change like that doesn’t occur right away and you need to work for it as well (just asking while waiting and doing nothing about it won’t change anything). So, make sure you work for it too, by meditating daily (10 minutes per day would do).

As for tips, please use the forum search function. There’s already tons of info out there about Lucifer and tips for summoning spirits in general.


Ah, I see. Thankyou Manosman!

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Anyway at some point some rituals are to be repeated several nights. There are few rituals who are to be done only once like initiations and self initiations. Besides, alchemy through the acausal needs time to function… Relax and continue.

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Alrigh I will, thankyou for the advice Rav

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