Lucifer in a dream

I live in a full house with not alot of alone I’m so preforming an evokation would not be the best idea, I’m a beginner magician so I’m unable to practice and really only meditate when I get the chance, so is it possible for Lucifer to come to me in a dream? And if so how much progress can I make doing this until I find a better place to formally evoke him? Thanks


He can come to your dream, but there are some problems with it:

  1. You may not get far, depending on how much he will keep doing that
  2. Sometimes the dreams change or even may make it hard for any spirit to talk to us
  3. If you can’t remember or control your dreams, then there’s no point in doing that (especially if you plan on doing that many times)

However, you can summon him, while being in a meditative(?) state, with no tools at all. So, you shouldn’t worry about it.


Thank you

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It all depends on your psychic abilities. Some people get better manifestation in a dream then they will in evocation. I’m somewhere in between sometimes evocation is powerful and sometimes the dream is much more powerful.

You can do that in a Lucid dream. Simply pray to him.

  1. Ask him to work with you to your dreams.
  2. Ask him to help remember those dreams
  3. If possible open his Sigil and place it under your pillow.
  4. Meditate until trance state and ask your higher self to clearly remember your dreams. Programming higher self will take a while, so do that every day. And then go back to 1 and 2.

For me this comes as a natural ability only I cannot control it during dreams. But the more I set my intend, the more I connect and the more it works.

For example I can see/connect to diseased people in my dreams. Mostly it’s wonderful but can be scary.


And maybe you’ve noticed you can meditate and pray also with setting intend (what you want to achieve) . They will hear you and like @Manosman said, tools are not necessary.

With setting intend it’s important you write things down. If it’s not possible on a piece of paper try it on your computer. I do both and call it my digital book of shadows. Take care


I totally get where you’re coming from with the alone time. As others have mentioned there are many ways to communicate with entities. I would definitely, if I were you, look at various ways and methods to do so (specifically things that don’t require tools). However, some of these require working out your “psychic muscles” which meditation is a key element. Now don’t take this as me being a jerk or anything, but maybe look into time management to work on meditation. If you could get about 15 minutes of meditation daily or at least 3-5 times a week you could definitely sharpen your skills. It could be as simple as not making that extra stop when you’re out and about or it could be shuffling tasks by priority.