Lucifer Honors The Buddha

Accord to the Daemons that often talk to me on a regular basis: Lucifer Honors the Buddha & the practitioners of the Dharma.

Thoughts? Comments?

Side note: I find it very disrespectful to call them demons, devils, & equate Lucifer with the Christian-Jewdao depiction & understanding of Him. We’ve had conversations about this & He knows my thoughts on the matter (as he’s asked).
He admitted that thinking of Him in such terms & depicting Him with features of a Devil (as is the modern era understanding) with horns & such, doesn’t infuriate him (He’s much too level headed for that) but does annoy Him a little (which makes sense as He is a being of Enlightenment). Neither does He care for people to call & refer to Him as a Devil, “Fallen One”, or the basterdised term ‘Demon’ which has taken on an entirely different meaning sense the Greco-Christian converts took over the term & the Anglos mutilated both language & understanding in many minds for future generations to come.
But, He admits… They’re only minor annoyances. Though, He admits, it does wear Him thin from time to time.


Balance is key. You are going about it correctly, in fact do more research and see which buddha calls out to you. Not only that but as time passes you’ll come to realize there’s even more dieties from all different pantheons that are willing to work with you. Personally Jizo called out to me. Best of luck!

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I’ve worked/work with Mahakala (Wrathful Buddha: Tibetan Diety) who came to protect me, along with a few Nio’s (Dharma Protectors) when I had mischieviouse & disruptive Spirits that wouldn’t leave me alone & properly workout & walk the path of The Buddha Dharma.

He came after I tried to see to it myself, unsuccessfully & so turned to the Buddha & Mother Tara for help. After having attempted to reason with the Spirits, some left, but some did not (these where the ones with a cruel & nasty disposition). So I employed the Buddhas, to out of pure kindness, send powerful Dharma Protectors to me.

A few days later, one evening I saw a flash of what I would later come to find out was an image of Mahakala within my third eye. As I opened it further, I saw him move through my home, & heard his roar & heard the screatching & scurring (shadowy) figures which moved too fast for me to make out clearly.

He was awesome & spent the night keeping watch over me. I finally slept well that night. And, as I laid in my bed, I made him a deal & a vow, if he would grant me his protection & guidance, & some full time guardians who would protect me from even human aggressors: I would dedicate myself to a life long devotion to the Buddha Dharma the best I could.

I’ve been a devote of the path for 7yrs now & seeing as he’s granted me two Foo Hounds (who’s names I yet to discover: simply because I’ve failed to ask) I have every intention on fulfilling that vow (happily).


To give a very simple answer: Why not? Lucifer honors those who follow the light and those who are in a path to self ascendance.


it makes sense in my opinion

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