Lucifer finally calling to me

Ever since my other nights evocation of Sitri I have felt not alone. Everything has been pointing to Lucifer as the spirit following me around. I guess its time. Best advice on evocation?

Respect, honestly. Thats about it.


Be honest, completely transparent. He doesn’t like word play or elaboration. Be very specific in what you want to achieve. He will nag you, for lack of a better word, to get to the brass tacks. And if you don’t trust him or take his advice he gets irritated fairly quickly.

He likes Prosecco wine and dark chocolate. He fought me over a goddamn mounds bar once, just to see if I’d give it. And he likes you to spend time with him, don’t rush.


He flipped my entire life upside down to get me into the occult. When I first evoked him after coming to the LHP, he said “Do you remember XYZ? I did that. You’re welcome. You didn’t choose me. I chose you.” Cheers!