Lucifer evocation

I just got back from my my recent evocation I summoned king paimon, Bune, and ask my favors of them then I have been feeling drawn to Lucifer all week so I decided today was the day. Never called him before and I thought it would be a lot different then it was. A lot of people say when they evoke Lucifer he’s loud firm and very authoritary but he wasn’t Ike that with me. He was the essence of peace… the calm in the storm he appeared as three different animals a lion deer and then this brown goat looking thing. The prescencr around him was very peaceful warm and very very relaxed he promised me the world… he told me exactly who he is and was very confident the way he introduced himself. He said he was the light found in the dark that he was the essence of power that he was the bringer of knowledge and the forbidden truth and that he was beauty incarnate that he was the morning star and how he can open up my eyes to my own natural abilities and it was absolutely the best feeling I’ve ever had with an entity. When I asked him to show me more of his power all of my bones got stiff and it was harder to move. And I started bending my arms and back in weird ways and I didn’t fight it I just let it happen. It was really a great overall experience. But yeah I just thought I’d share that with everyone and if you’re having a rough time in life I definitely recommend this ritual because I haven’t felt so at peace in a long time. I really look forward to working with him in the future

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