Lucifer evocation


Today has been the 4th time i have evoked Lucifer and to be honest everytime i evoke him i totally forget about my petition and just start talking to him like a phsycologist l. I cant even stop it like all thw things i say were as if im talking to a really close friend and he always brings me at peace. The first time i evoked him i did tell him my petition but i think he didnt want to do it. Does anyone else experience this? Always after ending a ritual i feel at peace


Write down your petition before evoking!

:rofl: yes that is Lucifer! I sometimes wonder if he gets bored of listening to me talking about every little thing that dosnt even matter! I vent alot to him!
I can’t hear anything but when I call him it feels like he is saying “tell me what’s bothering you”.


so something different happened recently, i was all ready to sleep, but wanted to meditate a bit and while laying, listening to some meditation tunes, i started chanting his enn, and this was the first time i felt energy, it was something being pressured on my head, it comes and goes, it happened for a while, my eyes are close and i see someone leaning against the wall and making a gesture with hand like, don’t worry/ don’t and what i find my self doing while all this happening…i have a smile on my face, not forced but genuine satisfying smile that at last he showed himself to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yesss i am the same way i vent alooot to him and then apologize for speaking too much… but i get this ebergy saying “dont worry i got your back”


What did he look like?


to be honest, a young sleek dude


:hugs: awww! Am happy for you!


:rofl: don’t you get other names popping to you? When I tell him my issues no matter how silly I get anothe name popping in my dreams or around me taking my attention! And then find out how they can help me and remember oh I was talking about this to Lucifer!


Yessss… I can agree …he told me to do the intranquil spell…and since i did it i have felt so much better


Can you tell me how you evoked him please ?


Lucifer isn’t the spirit who would refuse you for no good reason. If you were respectful and all went well, then perhaps it would be for your own good that he refused. Spirits know much more than us. So, I guess you could ask him about it.



Im pretty sure it was cause of that! I did tell him thats its all good and if that was the best then let…


I just gazed at his sigil and did his enn until i felt his energy!


I love it, same story with me i feel like a whiney teen talking to him…