Lucifer evocation/invocation & masturbation

Ok…so today, I envoked Lucifer to thank him for something I’d asked for. The 1st step occured today, now I’m waiting to find out if I will receive what I asked for. I’d been reading on offering gifts to demons, but didn’t find anything that informed me what Lucifer likes. I previously have evoked him also using the energy of an orgasm. For some reason, as I thought of what gift to give him, I had that urge to play with myself and dedicate the orgasm to him. I got my vibrator out and laid on my back with my legs crossed like u would cross them when seated up during meditation. My legs were crossed as shown in the diagram below, but instead of sitting up, I laid flat on my back. I then began my usual process of calling him. Mentally focused on his sigil & mentally repeating his name over and over. Then I saw a blue flame and triangles in a yellow environment. The triangles finally formed an inverted pentagram. I then pictured Lucifer’s blue flame sigil and continued to call out his name mentally. I heard my name, and he told me to play with the vibrator in that position. It felt so much better than when I did it just by myself. I never orgasm on my back, but did during this process. Mentally, the inverted pentagram formed inside it a goat face kinda like baphomet’s sigil, but I was focused on Lucifer’s blue flame sigil. I saw a face at the bottom of the inverted pentagram in the area that formed a triangle. During this time, I was told I’d get what I wanted. The voice then told me to straighten my legs. I felt a gentle foot massage to both my feet as a laid flat with my eyes closed. I also felt as if my feet had been lifted up from my bed for the foot massage, but when I pressed down the 1st time, i felt my bed. The 2nd time, i felt as though a hand held my heel, and another was ontop supporting my leg. It felt so real. The voice then told me to spread my legs apart as I used my vibrator again. I felt a gentle breeze from my feet to my knees, and felt as if something was present, in between my legs, on their knees just watching. That’s also the image I had mentally. As the cold feeling continued, the inverted pentagram became clearer and I saw a golden/yellow Lucifer sigil next to it and then had a 2nd orgasm that felt great. I thanked Lucifer for his presence and the opportunity I had today then said goodbye.
My question now, I’ve seen baphomet symbols refered to as Lucifer’s sigil too. Is that true? Has anyone here experienced this? I was wide awake this time as compared to when I evoke him before I sleep at night. Lastly, has anyone given Lucifer a gift? What gifts does he like?


@J.A.Ragnarson, @LuciferiBaphomet(Hey u just popped up when I was tagging people I’ve interacted with on here. Ur name says u might be able to tell me what u think about my experience above), @Micah, @anon9236988, @rin, @JezebelleMoon, @FellowLightbearer … thoughts on this?


Incense, food, wine, candles, dedication to his teachings. Most like chocolate from what my experience says. Probably because I’m fucking stingy with chocolate and do NOT share it so when I get some I can feel eyes on me :roll_eyes: .


I don’t know if that’s reliable. You should do a divination :joy:

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@JezebelleMoon, that’s why I tagged @Micah. I haven’t tried that b4. :woman_facepalming:is there a difference between baphomet and Lucifer or do they both have the same energy to explain why I saw both their sigils, or can baphomet’s sigil also be Lucifer’s sigil?

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Incense for sure. He manifested to me for the 1st time while I was awake when I used incense. :blush:

Yes, yes, yes, and no, no, no.

Depends on what your views are. 🤷

Lucifer and Baphomet are linked in certain views same as Lucifer and Satan . Depends on if you view them that way some are very against the idea, some aren’t.

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I liked Baphomet’s sigil when I was into Lavey’s Satanism. I branched from that to Lucifer for some reason idk…so I can’t really answer what I think is different about them. I never eboked Baphomet to feel his energy. So in all honesty, idk.

Lucifer and Baphomet are two different beings.
Baphomets energy is Dark. Really Dark

And Lucifer feels hot. Like Sunlight, but not 90° hot lol


Did i miss anything?


Well your evocation of him definitely sounds successful. In my experience orgasms are a pretty powerful thing. I’ve also used them to call certain beings. As far as the whole baphomet thing I truly have no idea. I’ve never directly worked with Lucifer in this way.
My only experience with “baphomet” was when a friend asked me to ask Azazel what she was missing and what she wasn’t doing. So I did, and all he gave me to tell her was “Baphomet.” But the way he said it… he said it like it was a concept instead of a being. So I told her exactly that and apologized because I had no clue on anything about baphomet. So she did her own research and when she came back to me she said that she found that Baphomet is a symbol of balance between light and darkness and well… just balance in general and being one with all. I don’t know which links she used to find this but it made a lot of sense especially with the way she was going about things. Lol I don’t know if some people are gonna jump to correct me or not but that’s my only knowledge of Baphomet.


I will read and reply very soon <3

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@rin, thanks for that. Sometimes I feel really dark and other times, not so much. Idk. I’m still trying to figure myself out when it comes to this path.

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No problem. I’m not saying that’s the absolute answer at all. Just my experience and I guess a good little reminder.
It has also been my experience however that they like to bring their friends along. So Lucifer may have brought baphomet. It seems almost every time I call for Lillith she brings me someone new to meet. And the last time I called for Azazel he brought along 2 others.


Ik thats a vauge af description :joy:
Im sorry lol

Funny thing is, he showed up right as i was typing his name :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’ve noticed that with Lucifer, just not as clear as today. I’ve seen 3 figures when I call him, but I never know who they are. I’ve seen mostly reptiles when i call him. What about u, have u seen any animals when u evoke him?

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@Micah, Who showed up? Lucifer or Baphomet?

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No I’ve actually never evoked him before. He’s just shown up. I haven’t really had a need to work with him although it at times seems he wants to work with me.

Lucifer @A.Lucifer

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@Micah, think I’ll PM u for a divination.