Lucifer Dreams: Official apologies for the Lord Demons

Some Demon Lords Dreams…

After I have put myself on a break here on BALG, to do some shamanic studies etc,
Deep inside of me, I was disappointed with Demons, even if I doesn’t wanted to face this truth.
I went way in my everyday life, and never stopped to give offerings of candles or food, but in my heart I was distant, specially that i never asked anything impossible to them, most of times spiritual skills, and one pact after another, i didn’t saw my requests been realized,
my fervor went dormant, till i had this dream…

The 12 June, during this morning, Lord Lucifer came to me.
I had a toothache and was under codeine, yet, i NEVER asked they help to heal me faster, i just did like any human being do: i relied in medicaments only, and was waiting for the pain to live me…

In my dream, i found myself in a place that looks like one of those for business meeting,rich but sober,
before me was a very large rectangular table, and three persons where standing there, staring at me.

The atmosphere was so heavy and the three persons had a aura so powerful and impressive, that i didn’t found anything else to do then put a knee on the ground and bow to them all.

A huge shadow has begin to materialize itself, and i felt full of shame, because i was supposed to know WHO he was. I was looking to find his name so hard in my mind, till it came out.

Lord Lucifer whispered right next to my left ear: " THIS TIME I WILL NOT DEFEND YOU"

I understood what they wanted,apologies, what i did:

Lord of Flies, Beelzebub
Lord Belial
and Lord “Unknown” (i think that was Bune)
( I never ever contacted or called Beelzebub, this visit was a surprise!)

I am sorry, so very sorry!
Immediately after saying this, they all disappeared, poof!

I was asking myself: “what i should do to please them?”

Lucifer answered, “do a cassava cake, don’t buy it, do it yourself”!
he has sit in a high chair, crossed legs, and we talked about death while i was washing dishes,
he said to me, think about that: “every meal could be your last meal,do the best you can,but don’t let all of your efforts going into a waste”
( He spoke in a very fancy old english, i could understand what he was saying, but i could never write here the way he said it!^^)

And that: “Do you think you have problems?We where the very first ones, and we had to support all of the others after us” (talking about humanity???)
and: “I was so bored”…( ???)

I waked up!

Have fall sleep again, and had dream of a man extremely beautiful, using white clothes, his face was stern, maybe angry, i was explaining to this person (who was Belial) the principles of the universe explained by some theoretical books, according to Buddhist precepts,

he said to me: “You? anyway, i don’t want anything to do with you, nevermore”
Then i had a glimpse of guts, and said to him "come on, did you finished your wrath crisis with me?
he said nothing, but got suddenly interested about my conversation, and it was about the beginning of our human universe…

When i waked up for good this same morning, i sincerely apologized them all, not only i was not believing so much again, but i was talking and giving offerings to them, like they where some strange distant God, or entities that are too much extraterrestrial at a point they could not even understand my human problems or take care of me.
Belial was specially very offended, because i had some problems that are entirely under his range of abilities, and i NEVER asked his help, thinking i was alone, and that i should deal with my shit like always: me and me!
This is the reason they came to me: to show me even when i think nothing is happening or going on, i am still under their arms and protection, those dreams where very insightful and i felt pretty proud of them, and been visited by four Lord demons in the same morning, ho boy it was huge!

During this 27 July eclipse, i did some offerings with food and candles, and it was the beginning of the afternoon, i was tired and took a nap,
Lucifer appeared on my dreams again, along with a very beautiful blond woman, that i am sure was Bune, and Belial.
We all danced together like friends, and when they have sit at a table, i did some belly dance for them, Lucifer enjoyed this attention…

Those dreams comforted me so much, that i am loving my Lords even more then before, haha!
And i also learned, that not a problem is too small for them, and that i can ask help and advises any time i need!


I really like your story it gives me a since of endearment… even tho im taking a break for similar reasons at least ik other can achieve what i struggle to!

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I’m glad to read your story. It makes me realize something.


Xjaseh, if you need to take a break, now i think it is totally ok, i was comparing myself too much with others, telling why i can’t have that?
My main request was to master OBE, and i discovered with Belial, that they blocked me, only because i am powerful enough to just try a spiritual suicide if things becomes too hard for me, i never thought about that before, (never thought someone can just choose to never come back in their bodies?!?)
and had confirmation by divination, that i would use OBE to run way of my human problems, and that is the reason my pacts where not answered!
So far, they are helping me to get rid of all of my struggles one after another, since this dream, and when they judge i can take it, this OBE skill will be given to me!
Maybe you don’t have right now what you have wished for, but i am sure there must be a reason for that, it is just my opinion, and i think we should fight for our desires, but sometimes, less is more, like they say!

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