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I suppose I wanted to begin with something a bit out of the ordinary that propelled me into what would become a lifelong bond of reference and many ups and downs, but ultimately evolution which continues to this day.

I must start by giving a warning to beginners that the results are intense, and u are not requesting anything from him through this ritual as much as u are awakening the doorway for a lifelong bond.

The ritual in question I remember being posted in 2005 -2006. It was supposedly a Church of Satan ritual which oddly, weeks after doing it was taken down, leaving me unable to refer to the original source.

What one does is takes the sigils of Lucifer from the grimmoirum verum and prints out all manner of things depicting Lucifer, buys all artifacts and incenses associated with the spirit and meditates upon this until one is in a sleep state. The original ritual involved use of sigils for many demons, and was called "Awakening the Daemonic Sleeper " or something to that effect. If one wanted the power of lust for example, one would use Baphoment, or perhaps one wanted a different attribute , one would choose another demons to gather all sigils and artifacts of and do the same.

My desire was intelligence, and my association with Lucifer was knowledge. I saw knowledge as the ultimate form of power, and was sick of my somewhat lackluster average intelligence at the time. Where I veered off course was anointing my own blood and sexual fluid ***, none of this was in the original description of how to perform it. Their claim was that this would awaken in future generations this demon and its attributes so I decided, sure, world would be much better with people who were awakened sleepers of Lucifer…The description of the intent was vague.

I pinned the sigil to my ceiling after 3 hours of meditation on it, with its blood and semen dried and smeared all over it. There were no warnings of what to expect and no instruction of the use of circles, banishings, triangles or the usual artifacts. The result was feeling gripped and pulled by something powerful followed by a profound pain in my head and a presence so fierce, I am kind of embrassed to admit that, its scared the shit out of me.

I’m laying in bed paralyzed at the same time while gazing upon a man giving off a color and energy beyond description. His face looked like mine which stood out about the whole experience, but his eyes were like the eyes of a snake, and behind him were two horned entities that seemed like they were forged from the fires of hell. I felt squeezed, hot, compressed like being crushed and he said “give me what u owe!”…I couldn’t figure out how to answer him so i blurted out “my soul without thinking or knowing why i said that” after that he left and I recall feeling very very cold.

That night I would get sleep.

The next night I felt crushed by the same presence as I lay in bed, but i wasn’t paralyzed and my head felt like i was losing awareness. I felt a searing pain on both scapula of shoulder blades, and after the pain it felt as though something was ripped off…as though i had wings that were torn off. As I succumb to it a man with horns a little different than the first visage of Lucifer appeared. Unlike a man with a shaven head similar to i , he appeared as a traditional devil’s face with grey skin as the way I guess Pan was depicted but with a sinister aura about it. I don’t recall if I slept later, I must have blacked out…no memory.

The third night I would return to try to sleep in my blacked room in a basement, when all of a sudden something compels me to stare at my desk. I get up and look towards my desk to see a large glowing devil, with an extremely muscular body and the inverted or goat like legs. Here before me was a huge full figured apparition with the largest smile I have even imagined possible on the face of an entity. He stared and I stared back as he became enveloped in shadows and vanished…I got up towards the desk like there was a hypnotic pull to find nothing there.

After this I would have several encounters with Lucifer in this semi sleep state. I was sick once and just asked to get better from Lucifer, a grey boy appears and I slip into the paralysis, only to clear what felt like a horrible flu in 3 hours. I would ask for a different job, and enter the same state, he would appear before me as a dark woman in what looked like ancient kemitic or Egyptian garb with her breasts revealed and the dress or beads around the neck worn by nobility. I got a new job the same week. The relationship grew and I would encounter apparitions of a green young woman who would just appear, very playful, almost sexual in nature. The same day i asked her to posess my left arm and to my astonishment it moved on its own. We seemed to both find this amusing…To this day when I am angered, I feel my head flare up like the first visage of Lucifer I saw whom wore flames above his shaven head (not bald), and my left arm would turn ice cold.

At the time I was working with the Cult of Lam from Kenneth Grant’s work. I would have several encounters with often no circle, triangle, or need to summon anything. I tend to think doning the ritual as I did it by adding blood and sexual fluids to the sigils of Lucifer, opened a gate which stays open in the magickian.

That said i was also working with Goetic demons at the time and too my sheer luck would encounter them and get results in the same manner. I would annoint thier sigils with blood and sexual fluid and they would appear in a semi -waking dream state…This of course after several hours of concentration and gnosis.

I have learned that Lucifer has many forms and facets which one will encounter after doing this ritual in the way I did it despite warning from the actual ritual posted on the site…which is probably why it was pulled, without either blood or sexual fluid, I imagine it would be more like remote viewing that summoning but am unsure.

I recommend using circle and triangle for a traditional evocation of him because this is generally how it is taught in Goetia initially. Being a beginner at the time but drawn to Satanic approach of not banishing or using circles, i went for that approach.

Basically, I recommend doing this ritual. Take all the depictions, seal sigils of him u can find. I think using ur own blood and ur own sexual juices be u male or female, changes something. I really just want to know if others have had similar experiences or have tried anything similar. I definitely have gotten results and it transformed me over the years from a recluse who stayed in and worked to a man who enjoys creating art, has gained knowledge on a wide range of subjects and wielding a very out of the box perspective.

What I can say about Lucifer is initially he reflects yourself, then transforms each encounter, transforming you as well. You will be tested as well, but i suppose my results were good because I entered wanting to become as Lucifer or become Lucifer…nothing more did i really desire. I know some have gotten literally what they sought and at times feel like they were burned, but i suppose its all perspective.

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