Lucifer contacting me through my Dreams? And Meditation?

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the process of traveling on a new path in life. New career, new goals and habits and what not. Also I am trying to get rid of some bad habits. The past 2 nights I have had dreams that were kinda odd and I cannot rent everything that happened but what stuck out to me was the first dream i had, there was a snake and I remember it biting me. I don’t really recall anything else that happened. Last night I had another dream that i was walking in my neighborhood and I heard a voice in my head screaming “JUST DO IT!” I’m thinking okay… lol. Then another scene in that dream I was in front of my parents old house and this voice is talking to me again and I forget what was being said but it was a very friendly conversation. We were both laughing and the voice’s tone was very inviting like it was someone I knew for a long time. He was giving me advice and I could tell it was useful. Unfortunately me being able to completely remember my dreams and I guess really understand them is weak… What can help you interpret your dreams better and have more control over them? I feel like an entity maybe Lucicfer is attempting to speak to me through my dream? Maybe due to the snake being in my dream? But why would he bite me? I did my first evocation of Lucifer weeks ago, did one shortly after the first one and since then I haven’t attempted it again. Is this him telling me he’s still around? Also, part of my new year goal is to practice daily meditation. What has daily meditation done for you?

This post is probably all over the place. Lol feel free to comment on any part of it if you can share some advice or insight.
Thank you!


Daily meditation has done wonders for me personally, and ya i think Lucifer is trying to contact you, the snake bite could be symbolic for initiation.


I second the daily meditations.