Lucifer comes through again

He really Is just the coolest cat out there.
He’s never let me down and I truly love this spirit. I’m truly lucky to have him as my friend.

I just started a new job last week and the unemployment checks stopped about the same time, leaving me short for rent and groceries.

Normally for money issues Duchess Bune is my go to but I’m working with her on something other than money so I went to my favorite Lord and Lover, Lucifer.

I asked for 600 dollars to come to me by the end of May.

Well the end of May rolled around but no sign of the money. Finally on the 4th of June I received word that 500 dollars was back owed to me from my former employer and would be deposited on the 5th. The same day I received an email from the unemployment office saying they were wrong and I was owed one more deposit which I also got on the 5th. Grand total of 800 dollars. 200 dollars more than I asked for.
Thank you great Lord Lucifer. You never let me down and I want you to know and feel me from the inside out Just how much I love you and just how much you mean to me.


Hail Lucifer! He just got me 2 dollars extra and benefits at work!

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