Lucifer channeling

Is anyone close with Lucifer. I think I got possessed by him and I was talking directly to him about basically my life and a spell. Next morning I practically forgot what he told me to do. Taking to him isn’t that easy like I think he came to me


If you feel that he has something to tell you or that you need to speak to him, you can always summon him.

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I did but I don’t feel him. I think he had to come to me

Well, the first step is to actually develop your astral senses. Without them, you won’t be able to hear/see/feel any spirit at all (let alone do more advanced stuff later on). It’s really basic to develop them.

Make sure to use the forum search function and check out some of the real many posts about that. However, just to give you a quick answer, meditation is the best way. 10 minutes of meditation daily will help you receive and feel it within you. It feels differently for each person, but it always works.


Thank you. I’ve been fervently working on developing astral senses, but I need to know what Lucifer says. It’s urgent

You could use some sort of divination then I guess.