Lucifer Channeling

From Lucifer:

There are many of you who wish to Ascend through me and to gain power but are not willing to do the work necessary to Ascend.

I say to you:
Master the Black Arts. Master the Arts period. For there surely is no limit to what you can do, but you must first have the right process, then the right Direction, then you must apply it the right way to achieve the right result.

Mastery comes from knowing what you are doing with the tools you have been given. You have many tools, but you know not what to do with them, so they just sit there.

I say to you:
Learn. Research. Read books on magic.
Seek knowledge and it will find you. Follow your intuition which is my Light placed in you.

I am Lucifer. Peace be upon you and unto my enemies, even on this forum.


Your channeling came just in time. Thank you!


YOLO :metal::metal::metal:

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Lol, that’s similar to some biblical verses! And also the epithet “morning star” is also assigned to the judaic-christian god in the bible, he himself entitles in that way.


To distract you from the glaring similarity of certain lines to scripture and the troll god