Lucifer changed his appearance?

All of the times I’ve communicated with him, he’s appeared as a blonde very good-looking man. The past two times I’ve spoken to him, hes appeared as a black hooded figure with red eyes. He told me tonight to stand in my power and stop thinking of myself as weak and that i’m not a victim. That getting help doesn’t make me less than and that I will ultimately come out stronger, wiser, more self aware. Did he change his appearance because hes giving me a tough love approach (I’m going through some hard times- Depression, addiction, etc. ) Or is there another reason this could be? To call to him Ive just been meditating on his sigil…


He seemed more intimidating than he has the other times. Not scary or frightening but definitely a different vibe then the lighthearted version I’ve been seeing.


Aye, Lucifer will take on a different form depending on your situation.


All spirits can change their forms if they want.

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