Lucifer came to me with grace

MY LIFE IS AMAZING! I am so greatful Lucifer came into my life. Ever since I started working with Lucifer through E.A’s ritual and applying his advice , my life has changed for the better. Everything is opening doors for me and my family. Lucifer blessed me with a speed of LUCK. It has been since February of this year was my first contact with E.A. to do a ritual for me. I saw all wonderful opportunities are opening up to me left and right. On my second contact with E.A. for another ritual my mind was blown away of amazement. On my 7th day of my devotion to Lucifer which is today, we signed contracts for a business , my husband got approved for a home loan, and a few more wonderful things.

I am happy. I am finally at peace. My life is amazing. Thank you E.A.! Most specially, THANK YOU LORD LUCIFER !!! :kissing_heart:


Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Sounds amazing maybe I should invoke him

Lucifer is different to the christian devil right? Like he is a benevolent light bringing entity/deity?

That’s amazing! Congrats!

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