Lucifer came through for me in a BIG way!

I am so happy while I am typing this. I have really been in a very bad place in my life, and because of religious fears I was getting confused over certain things. I at some point prayed to God, Jesus, Angels asking to help with something, but there was no answer, I could feel no contact, I was desperate on the floor.
No one from the right hand path answered.

I then on Saturday drew Lucifer’s sigil, I did not even open it, I just drew it, then I said his enn, just once or so, and then I felt a presence, like an electric current, it was soooo comforting, then I went on my knees and faced east and i said his enn, just one more time, then I felt his presence very strong. I then asked him for something, it is a little bit personal, but this morning I got what i asked for.

God did not answer, Jesus did not answer, the angels did not answer, but Lucifer made me feel his presence and I got what I wanted this morning. Fuck the right hand path!

Hail Lucifer!


There’s nothing to say but…


I never understood why he doesn’t answer people who worship him, but Lucifer does . Oh well . Hail Lucifer


From my experience, he gives you just enough to keep you coming back, but not enough for you to live an independent life without him


@Antichrist wow that’s whet like like to read about! So happy for you. Can you share the enn please I have been planning all day to do sigil with Lucifer. I’ll do it in a few min🙂

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Spot on. The first thing he communicated to me was don’t kneel, don’t grovel. Know yourself- don’t apologize for it and don’t run from it.


Where you guys talking mentally or where you guys speaking through telepathy
I’m gonna evoke him really soon so I’m trying to learn as much as possible.

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Lucifer’s enn is: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Thank you very much for that, I am still very new at this, so I really appreciate your advice!

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I can’t yet evoke, but if I say his enn, then I start to feel a presence. I must still work on hearing spirits, but at the moment I am just feeling and following my intuition.

You are talking about God or Lucifer ?


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Telepathically. Many people would agree that he will be very clear on the first few encounters - then it’s up to you to work harder to reach him. When I contacted him I prayed to him, spoke to him. He showed up and pulled me into the astral to shoe me he heard. Then I would ask questions during the day and get instant responses. This isn’t your own thoughts answering- you’ll just KNOW. It’s almost like your reality changes and the answer comes too quickly.
Best advice I can give you is to be SINCERE with him. If you only have intention to work with him briefly, say so. If you want him to teach you, say so. He is very big on truth.


Is the pronuncialtion of the enn phonetic? Do you chant this? Or say it just once? How do you know how long to do it? Do you stare at his sigil while you chant? Do you memorize the enn before you do the chant/speech? Do you do this then ask for what you want? Do you have to offer him something in return like tobacco, food incense etc for him to help you?

What I basically did, was that I vibrate the enn, it is as if the sounds are coming from my stomach, when I vibrate it. And I vibrate it as slowly as I can. I don’t think that one should rush the process. I did not even stared at the sigil. I personally think it is maybe not even nessecary for the sigil, I think you could just vibrate the enn, slowly, until you get a certain rhythm to it, almost like a song, eventually you will start to feel a connection. My experience tells me that you can do the invocation with just vibrating the enn slowly. However i have not yet done a full invocation, it was just to get use to the energy.

i think the pronunciation is phonetic, and yes, I chant it, on a very deep voice tone, almost like vibrating it through my stomach. Yes, I suggest that you should memorize the enn beforehand, then it will flow easily when you vibrate the enn. I did ask for something after I felt a connection, but please I am not an expert, I am just a beginner. I did not give any offering, it was just reciting the demonic enn. You could look into S. Connolly’s work, or even contact her if you like, I love her work about Demonolotory, I think one can learn a lot from her, if you want to work with darker spirits, in a Demonolotory way. I love S. Connolly’s work.

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… sounds like what employers do!!! LOL

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I am new to Luciferianism. what would you recommend I start with